Monday, December 27, 2004

Refinancing my career

Early this year, I refinanced my mortgage. Went with a 5 year ARM. Seemed like the sensible approach. I can either refinance in 5 years or accept the new rate.

I feel like I have just refinanced my career. While drinking, in Vegas, I was offered a short term position to stay where I am at. This morning I accepted the position, therefore locking me in until the end of March. It was the safe move.

I am still unsure whether this was the best move or not. Logically, it made sense. I was getting disparaged by the response I was getting while searching over the past month. Word I was hearing is that most companies were waiting for the beginning of the year before the made decisions. I could take the option that would keep me in the familiar environment and gain some more experience or I could venture out to seek something new. But I had this nagging feeling that a good opportunity may arise if I committed myself. There really was nothing to substantiate it. Just a gut feeling. Or maybe the truth is it was a fear.

I went to some good friends for advice. They all pretty much said the same thing. Funny that as I think about it now, they are all women. It was at that time I started relating this decision to playing poker. It was basically the same as laying down a pair of tens because some guy may have sucked out on the river. It is the safe play. That maybe a good bluff but you can't take the chance. I feel it is not worth taking a chance.

Lo and behold, that opportunity may have shown it's head. I received an email from a friend mentioning an opening that could be a great fit for me. Because there are no certainties, I thanked her and told her I had re-upped. I told her I would like to still talk with the person but that is mainly to open up a new channel for March. I feel vindicated that my gut may have been right but for now, I feel comfortable with my move.

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