Friday, December 31, 2004

The good Doctor responds

I feel it is in my duty to respond to Anonymous in the comments section. They ask what kind of shot they should go to get rid of their cold. This is an easy one. You do whatever shot you want, as long as it isn't some wussy shot. For example, Baileys, Tequila Rose, or any Pucker product, while tasty in their own right, are not strong enough to kill that cold. Any peppermint schnapps should do. Personally, I would advocate whiskey, say Seagrams 7, Jack, or Makers Mark. Cabo Wabo would do the job as well. If you can't do the hard stuff, then you could choke it down with a bit of soda, but don't use too much. The dilution of the medicine is not good.

Also, once again, the WSJ is touting the health benefits of alocohol. Nice

10:38 Mas Tequila by Sammy Haggar has entered my melon.

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All Things Dave said...

Another question for the doctor.

Thank you for responding to my question about the type of shot one can use to help a cold.

As a little kid my mother used to give us a mixture of whiskey, honey and lemon. Yummy and knocked me out so my body could rest and fight off the cold.

On another drinking topic - what is your prespective of people mixing ginger ale with Maker's Mark?