Monday, December 06, 2004

A pretty boring weekend

I had a pretty boring weekend. Friday night seemed to be a lesson in how NOT to get laid. Many a man hits the bars looking for a woman to bed that night. Not that I am not open to that, but when you have the wrong person talking and pawing on you, you must really use your skills to make sure nothing happens. Yeah, you could take her home and go for a ride. Any one can do that. It takes mad skills to keep your senses, to look clearly through those beer goggles and realize that you don't want to be known as the one who tamed that wildebeest. I just hope she doesn't start up on me again.

Saturday was rather boring too. Watched a bad movie, Chronicles of Riddick. Then a good movies, Van Helsing. Then went to see a band that night. I was disappointed as I found them to be very boring. The bar was a boring place too. For me, Johnny 3 Note had no game that night. The first set was too mellow for my taste. I have only seen them a couple of times but just wasn't good. Plus, my take was the crowd was really into it either. Polite clapping typically followed a song. Plus, too much tambourine. Not every song has/needs tambourine.

Sunday was rather boring too. I hate late football games. The noon game is so nice as it lets you get primed up for the rest of the day. People stay whether the Packers win or not and party for a couple of hours later. I ask you, when is that last time we had a dirty martini after the game? I cannot recall. Scary.

But yesterday was even worse with the blowout. The bar was like a morgue. No fun whatsoever. Plus, I ate too much and it sat in my belly like a rock. The cat didn't care for it either as the toxic air in the room was pretty bad.

I did get the car put away for the winter so I got something accomplished. I hardly played any poker. I didn't do the dishes nor any laundry. Wow, I really wasted the weekend.

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Anonymous said...

so... who was the girl that wanted to bed you?? it wasn't the bar skank, was it?!?! i would hope that you would have enough sense not to bed her!!!! if not, we (a, j, j & k) are going to have to smack you up 'long side the head!