Friday, December 03, 2004

You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch

If only I had an ax. My kingdom for an ax. Then I could go to the Atrium and chop that damn player piano up. I would chop the thing into bit and then those bits into bits.

The Atrium at work has been decorated up with a couple of Christmas trees for the kids party this weekend. Rather pathetic looking this year in comparison to others. Usually they bring in this 50 foot tree and place smaller trees around it. Fake snow, lights, a sleigh would adorn the area. It was quite a spectacle. Real neat. Beautiful. But this year, it is a group of trees.

They also have the presents for the kids on tables behind it. There is a lot of boxes out there. The kid in me is tempted to just run out there and start ripping paper off and tossing it around in a caffeine driven frenzy. Screw the kids, I know there is a something good in here somewhere. Or just go out there and start switching tags on the gifts. Suddenly little Bobby is crying because mom got him a Barbie instead of the GI Joe with the kung fu grip. Other parents would be looking at the mother wondering what kind of pansy nancy boy he is raising. The chaos would be excellent. Or even to get some tuna, heat it up in the microwave and hide it under some boxes. That could reek.

I should go on a recon mission out there. Find out what gifts are for a certain age group and take them. Then I wouldn't have to shop for my nieces. They are wrapped too. Then come Christmas I could be just as surprised as they are when they get a Nerf football.

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