Friday, December 03, 2004

You can only hit the snooze button so many times

While drinking, you never (or rarely) think about the consequences the next day. Especially when it is a Christmas party. Thus you wake up smacking the alarm clock like an ugly red headed stepchild. Or maybe that is just me.

My department at work had their party last night at a comedy club, Giggles, in Germantown. The whiskey was flowing early for me. Seeing I would have to drive, and that Makers Mark makes a better drink than chauffeur, I switched to beer after a couple. Thankfully the comics were funny. The local MC wasn't bad but he needs to develop his stage presence. Big guy on stage doing fat jokes is just about always funny. Big guy with whiny voice doing fat jokes is funny but only if the whiny voice is part of the act and not his real voice.

I do not know who was funnier though, the guys on stage or some of those in the audience. Two people in our group were killing me. There was one guy who got the joke like 5 seconds after everybody else did. And he would lose it and start laughing like crazy. There was also the girl who laughed at everything. The comic could say any word and she was giggling. Any word would get a laugh from her.

It was during the comedy that I realized the head of the department was quite liquored up. I could tell because I was quite liquored up. One can understand the language of slur only when one becomes proficient in it themselves. He slurred away and I nodded my head, digesting every drunken word. I may have used the language myself when responding. It would be rude not to speak the same language.

So as I was saying, I pretty much beat the hell out of the alarm clock this morning. If I didn't have to pee, that cat would have starved. So after an hour, I crawled out of bed and stumbled into the shower and came to work. I wonder why. I looked across the pod landscape and maybe half of the people are here. Only a few have the day scheduled off. It is one thing to call in sick because you are sick. But when it is because you were up late getting hooched, you should be here. The other lazy SOBs are probably still in bed while I sit here typing and stuffing donuts holes into my pie hole. Or would that be putting donut holes into my donut hole? It may be the Coca Cola company that saves me today. I only have 7 hours to go.

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