Monday, January 10, 2005

An ass slappin' good time

If you walked into PJ's last night, not knowing the outcome of the Packer game, you would have thought they won. They didn't. I was a bit surprised but not totally (but then again, I thought Randy Moss mooning the crowd was funny. The reaction in the bar was priceless!). I am more bummed that the parties are done for the year. The beer kept flowing, the music kept playing, the dancing, well, kept dancing.

It was a good time. People forgot about the outcome and decided to give her hell one last time. The bartenders were getting frisky behind the bar, making all the single horny guys even hornier. The conversations kept getting louder as people talked over the music. I remember slapping Kim's ass a couple of times. She seemed to really like it. Maybe that is her and Mark's "thing".

And in the end, I do recall Lisa on top of my back, riding me. Hey, Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboys fan. It is much better without the clothes.


James Wigderson said...

You agree with me that he should have been flagged for fifteen yards, right?

All Things Dave said...

I demand an article on drinking while playing poker.

The strive for balance. Obviously one can not crank it way up while playing. Unless one wants to be in a Texas Hold 'Em game and go all in Q-To.

C'mon man! Bring your site back to its roots. I'm begging ya!

StB said...

Whoa Dave, don't get so pushy. It can be done. Some of my best poker is played hooched. And I went all in with a Q 10 off last night. Blind steal at the wrong time. Ouch!