Sunday, January 09, 2005

Now, onto the Wig

Now the Wig wants to get in the act. Hey, who am I to deny him?

So, like, when is it ever appropriate to drink the following: Gin, gin and tonic, vodka, vodka and tonic, scotch, and that Wisconsin favorite Brandy?

I feel like some of these are simply trick questions, especially from a man who has an affection for Stoli.

Let's start with gin. Why does anyone drink this stuff? I blame Kiss. They made is sound cool to drink Cold Gin. If you enjoy sucking on a fir tree, then go ahead. Drink gin. Though I shall admit it, I did have a bottle of gin in my freezer throughout college.

But then again, gin and tonic can be quite a refreshing cocktail. Tanqueray and tonics can go down pretty good when the mood hits you right. However, Bombay Sapphire is even better. But please, please, whatever you do, don't drink rail gin. I have been known to chastise people for drinking rail gin. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra fifty cents to get top shelf. Your stomach and liver are your friends. Treat them well.

Vodka. Hoo boy! I am not a vodka drinker. But if it is your booze of choice, then you must follow the golden rule of all liquors. Drink the good stuff. Life is too short to drink bad booze. Plus, I will add a comment to drive the point home, just for the Wig, keep your vodka cold.

Though I may enjoy gin and tonics now and then, I can't say I have a taste for vodka and tonic. But go ahead, if you choose.

Scotch. Let me quote Ron Burgundy, "I love Scotch. Scotch, scotch, scotch." Ok, maybe my Dad would say that. Pops knows that every June he will get a bottle of scotch from me for his birthday. Scotch is his drink of choice. On the rocks. You never mix scotch with anything. Anything! Scotch must be taken on its own. Don't add soda or water. Any proper bartender would deny service to you if you tried that.

Brandy. You're a fine girl. What a good wife you would be. Oh, you meant the liquor. Just the other day I was doing shots of brandy because they had a story about it in the paper. Boy, am I easily influenced. But beyond that, it had been quite a while since I had partaken in some brandy. Since it is winter, I highly recommend you take full advantage of the snow fall and make brandy slushes. Or just a bit of sour soda. Brandy is a very seasonal drink. Great for the holidays.

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All Things Dave said...

As I write this I have a dirty martini going. Two olives stuffed with bleu cheese. Made with Tanqueray vodka (first time trying this).

Me confused, While Drinking.

If you are not a gin drinker and vodka is not your drink of choice then how do YOU make your martinis (even the dirty ones)???

Why am I pounding a martini on a Sunday afternoon? Because I am gearing up for the Vikings/Packer game.