Sunday, January 30, 2005

Beer, poker, strippers. Does it get any better?

Saturday was a long day. Clearing out a bar, playing poker, drinking beer and entertainment had tire you out.

Played poker online in the morning and came in first. After running bad all week, it was good to get back on top. Caught quad 5s in the game and played pretty aggressively throughout.

At ten in the morning, I was at the watering hole going through t-shirts, glasses, posters, shot glasses and buckets deciding what I wanted to take home. Got a nice set of Weiss glasses out it. But the majority of it was just promotional junk. And it went into the dumpster. Heck, a lot of crap went into the dumpster. We tossed a lot of worthless stuff out. All of the good stuff was being moved to storage to be sold or used at a new bar.

Otherwise there was a ton of plastic glasses being tossed. Also some really old beer. There was a couple of cases of Pabst shorties that must have been 15 years old. Some MGD that had seen better days. Lowenbrau that had the caps rusted on to the bottle. Some bottled margaritas and Long Island Ice tea bottles that looked like they were from the 80s, possibly a precursor to the modern day wine cooler. I can't help but wonder how many people will dive through and take the booze.

And trophies. Tons of old softball trophies. The best part of throwing away trophies is watching the baseball player on top explode when he goes smashing into the bottom of the dumpster.

There is quite a bit of stuff you can accumulate by operating a bar for over 20 years. The number of neons and mirrors was staggering. Especially the value of some of the mirrors. The old Pabst wildlife mirrors will get you hundreds of dollars apiece. I think we moved his retirement plan on Saturday. That is how much the stuff was worth.

There is a lot of goofy stuff you find as well. Found a padded bra. Some panties. Boxers. A sack cover thingy. And nerd glasses. A box of plastic nerd glasses with the tape in the middle. I have no clue what promo that was for but everyone decided they need to wear these things. And we weren't even drunk! Worse yet was at the end, J was still wearing hers.

5 hours later, we were done with one of the rooms. There was still more to do on Sunday but there was a party to attend that night. More poker was played. Came in 1st to collect a hondo. The entertainment was good. Nice to see C show up unexpectedly. Not nice to see some guys leave. The excuses were lame too. Hey, if you are allergic to naked women, just admit it. If it isn't your thing, that is ok. But don't get all pissy about it when people give you shit.

And some guys act like they have never seen a naked women close up. They were a little too excited. On the other side, I feel sorry for these women. Apparently, in this line of work, your skin gets pretty dry. There is a lot of lotion being rubbed on them. I had to help out as I don't want these poor girls not have smooth soft skin.

I left just before closing. I wish I could have slept better but maybe the stripper smell was keeping me awake. More details will come later. I need some sleep.

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