Monday, January 31, 2005

Weekend? What weekend?

This is the boring post. Nothing about drinking. Or playing poker. Or trucks. Or prison. Or trains or momma. Maybe I will be more creative tomorrow. I may apply the George Costanza theory on words to the word "poopsie".

Don't you hate it when your weekends are busy doing work? I am not necessarily talking about work work, but other stuff. Non-fun stuff. Or fun stuff that involve serious stuff.

I guess what I am trying to say is that with all the clearing out of the bar(s), it feels like I didn't have a weekend to just kick back and relax. It is Monday and I am sitting here at work wishing I had a couple days off.

I had two great nights of fun, but moving stuff around really soaks up the time. I guess I will have to give her extra hard next week during the Super Bowl.

I have a job interview later today with a small firm. I am not too excited about it nor any I disinterested. I am in my current employ until the end of March. With another person leaving at the end of this week, it would make sense for my boss to make an effort to make my employment permanent. I would probably agree to it as I like the idea of learning a new job that can utilize my experiences. And I work with some good people with some good benefits. But I need to be ready for whatever may happen come April. That means interviewing for other positions.

Maybe I should buy a bar. I know of a storage unit I could break into to get some stuff....

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