Friday, January 21, 2005

Snow, and lots of it

Milwaukee is expected to get upwards of 7 inches of snow tonight. Being right by the lake, I can probably tack on an extra 2 from the damn lake effect. So, being the survivalist I am, I took inventory for the weekend just in case.

Maker's Mark- couple drinks left in bottle. Dire.
Seven Crown Whisky- couple drinks left in bottle. No 7 Up. Dire
Captain Morgan- half a bottle. No coke. Ok.
Parrot's Bay rum- two little bottles. Hey how did this get in here?
Crap vodka- liter, plenty of tomato juice and Bloody Mary fixins. Set, but I have no clue how old the tomato juice is.
Cabo Wabo tequila- couple shots left. Good for a pinch.
Sauza tequila- full liter. In case of emergey, break seal.
Beer- None. But Bert's liquor store is one block away. No need to worry.
Food- doesn't matter. Pizza Hut will deliver and they are 7 blocks away
Cable modem- functioning properly.

Hmm... I seem to be set for the weekend in case I can't go anywhere.

Which kind of sucks because Anonymous said:

I know nothing about clothes, but I know where you can get an excellent cold one. It is a micro brewery in Cedarburg called Cedar Creek Brewery ask for Steve (owner).

Damn! This piqued my interest for two reasons. First, I am always looking to try a good beer. Cedarburg isn't far at all and could make for a nice road trip. Second, is anonymous Steve the owner?

But the bad part here is that if I do a search for the Cedar Creek Brewery, it gives me a brewery that is located in New Jersey. Now THAT is a road trip. However, I do find a Silver Creek Brewery located in Cedarburg. Please Steve, er Anonymous, stop on by and let me know if the Silver Creek is the brewery you intended.


J. Gambino said...

You forgot the most important ingredient in the event that you are snowbound...

Stockpile of PORN!

James Wigderson said...

Hows your supply of the Mad Dog?

All Things Dave said...

Snowbound - If one has pizza, beer, a working television, internet access for online poker, olives, good vodka, bourbon (Maker's Mark or Blantons) that is sufficient.