Saturday, January 22, 2005

Two men and a truck and a snow covered street

Winters in Wisconsin are so wonderful. You wake up to see everything is white. Snow is still blowing all over the place. And some dopes are outside moving.


That was my thought when I noticed the Two Men and a Truck truck stuck outside my house. They had tried to turn the corner but got stuck in the snow bank. Even though I was in the middle of a freeroll (came in 17th out of 2200 which netted me a whopping $18- Whoo hoo!), I couldn't help but walk away from the game, coffee in hand, to watch these bozos try to get the truck free. They spun the tires again and again. Finally, one of them gets out and starts to shovel the tires out. I feel like yelling at him to stop throwing it on the sidewalk. Hey, I was going to have to shovel that later.

They did get the truck free and slowly sputtered down the street just about getting stuck every couple of yards. I went back to the game and played for the next couple of hours.

When I finally got out to shovel, I was amazed by how much snow there was. This wasn't any 6-8 inches. It was a foot. I know because I measured it. Thankfully a neighbor (bless his/her soul- make that his, because I don't know if I have ever seen a woman operating a snowblower)had done my sidewalks. But there was still a lot of snow to clear by the drive if I hoped for any reason to want to go out today with the truck. I doubt I will because they haven't even plowed the streets.

What sucks about shoveling all this snow is that I have little room to put it. My garage is next to an alley so I very little room to the left. On the right is where my tenant's car is parked (taxi driver, I guess he is taking the day off). I have a couple feetage (hey new word!) of snow to put somewhere and it will usually end up being carried 10 feet to where there isn't a pile. Even with the help of the snowblower (thanks anonymous soul again)I still shovel for just under an hour.

Unless there is a lot plows coming by, I doubt I will get to Hooters today. Hmm...where is the Pizza Hut phone number?

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