Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Planning for the big game

Super Bowl Sunday is just about upon us. Even if your team isn't in the game, it is the last chance to see football for 7 months. Soak it in, enjoy it.

If you be Eagles (hard not to type in Iggles, but I shall give them their due respect) or Patriots fans, I envy you. When the Cowboys were on the Super Bowl runs it was fantastic. Much celebrating before, during, and after. It was beyond words. I was quite happy after the Cowboys won their third in four years, that my Packer friends were able to enjoy one for themselves.

But neither of our teams are in, so we need to come up with something to make the game enjoyable. I don't think we are going to get a boob show at halftime. I don't think that brewery in St. Louis is going to come in and give everyone $315 (everyone except Randy & Jodi)- which is a story in itself that I should put up here.

What I do know is that the party is starting at 2. I shall be comfortably numb by kickoff and ready to watch football. Don't have to work the next day so I can go balls to the wall. It could be a 12 hour rampage. I will check my keys at the door.

I now need to help draw up other drinking plans for Sunday. Beer is the official drink of football. It goes hand in hand. But shots, like a good sidekick to a super hero, won't be forgotten. I need some help here. I know Eagles fans drink SoCo. But what do Pats fans down on a score? Any of you out there? Please let me know and order below.


AlCantHang said...

I hear a proper Patriot's fan is known to throw back tiny shots of Bailey's Irish Cream. They like the yummy taste and it doesn't make their head all spinny.


All Things Dave said...

Patriot fans like sissified, babified drinks such as Tequila Rose. It reminds them of Strawberry-flavored Quick from their childhood.

Any drink with an umbrella will also suffice.

Go Steelers!!!! Er, ah, nevermind.

All Things Dave said...

Check this drinking-related site out: