Monday, February 28, 2005

Drunk Fridays followed by Horseshoe Saturday

I must give credit to Dr. A and Gambino for setting this weekend up. They do a good job of finding a place for us to party and I for one want to let them know how much I appreciate it.

The drive to Keshena, just north of Shawano, is roughly 3 hours. The drive up was rather uneventful. I think when we stopped for gas just outside of Green Bay it was interesting that the station had a little casino built on with about 40 machines. It must have been on the outskirts of the Oneida reservation. Gas was cheaper. That was all that mattered to me. That and making sure E didn't get gas before we got there.

We followed directions and basically drove right by the place mainly because we had the directions but no one knew the name of the place. For all we knew, there was more than one casino in the area. But we only went a block pass it before we retracted. The room was nothing special. Typical hotel room you would find anywhere. Except it had a safe, which I didn't realize until we were leaving. Though our room had a 20 inch TV, others had much bigger TVs. Wow, we got ripped off. Then again, we weren't there to watch TV, we were there to drink and gamble. So after a couple of beers, we headed in.

I didn't quite know what to expect. The Indian casinos that I have been in in Wisconsin have usually been rather large, spacious. This one was different. When you entered from the hotel, you walked into a area of slots. There was another room with more slots to the right. As you walked straight, you came across a little video poker bar in the middle, with a stage behind it. A lady and a big Indian were up there doing a karaoke/he plays guitar to taped music bit. Funny how the tables in there were crowded. Must be big entertainment night in Keshena. Beyond the bar were the table games. They had one full size craps table and a mini, one roulette table, a number of blackjack, one Let it Ride, one three card poker and then a poker room with 4 tables.

I had walked down towards the poker room with the simple intent of seeing what else was beyond there. But there was nothing. That was it. Small place. As I walked away from the poker room, some guy tried to waive me in. Ok. I met up with the others who were by the Let it Ride table and talked a bit. The blackjack tables that were open were full so I decided to go play some poker. Five hours later I was down 60 bucks and was feeling a good buzz. The damn mono felt like it was gone. That or I was gone.

So I headed back to the room to have a beer before crashing. I found Darth Vader E in the casino. I had given my key to Lisa, who was crashing in our room. I popped a beer and laid down. When I was done I crawled into bed. I guess at some time during the night, Lisa tried to get in. My key wasn't working. She was pretty drunk. She said she tried for like 30 minutes before she crashed in the hall for a while. At some point, E must have let her in. I don't know as I slept through it.

I woke up the next morning wondering where she came from. I got out of bed and pulled out the bottle of OJ I had brought. I felt much better this morning. No soarness in the throat, no fever; I felt fine. I guess that is why when I poured the OJ, I didn't hesitate to make it a screwdriver when egged on. That tasted pretty good.

Soon enough the whole gang was getting their act together and heading out to breakfast. The place we stopped in would have been a pervert's dream. All the waitresses I had seen couldn't have been over 18. They were all high school girls. Plus, they weren't too hard on the eyes. I contemplated whether the jail time would be worth it or not and decided to just eat my breakfast. Food was good, but the service sucked. It wasn't too long before the girls went further into town to shop and the guys were all heading back to make a deposit at the First Bank of Kohler.

I had a Lite for dessert back in the room. When Randy showed up and wanted to gamble, I heard the call of the wild and went in with him and J. Randy had done well playing poker last night. Told me how they consolidated the tables after I had left and bumped the stakes up. Damn, if I had known...

We went in and played Let it Ride. I don't hide my feelings on this game. It is a rather simplistic game. Your decisions are minimal. The strategy is really deciding whether to press your bet on a draw. That is it. Very little thinking involved. That is why I don't particularly like it. However, it is a very social game and I wanted to spend some time playing with everyone. I figured I would start with $120, which would give me 20 hands, and see what happens. When that was done, I was done.

They got the game going. I believe I had a pat hand right away and got paid. Before long, Mark and Kim had joined us and we just about had a full table. We were chugging along, no one really winning much. I was barely above where I had started. I had gotten a couple of winning pairs, two pair, etc. Until that is, I hit the big one. I got a pair of 10s underneath and quickly put my hand down. I was set. The dealer turned over her first card to show a 10.


I actually said "cha-ching" out loud. My winning pair was now a set. I was happy. Then she turned over her second card to show the case 10. Now I had four of a kind.


I shouted out a yes. I looked down to see what the bonus was. $100. Cool! At that point, Mark starts laughing at me. He is explaining that yeah, I won an extra hondo, but that is the small amount. I look over and see I get paid 50 to 1 on my bet. My first thought is, allright, I get $250. But when the dealer had the pit boss come over to verify it and she started to pull out the black chips, it then hit me. I get paid on all 3 of my bets. That was $750. My $15 bet plus $1 bonus bet was paid out a total of $850.


They played the music, I tipped the dealer, I tried to buy a round for the table, and the game went on. Basically I stuck to my game plan. I may have played more than 20 hands but I didn't care. I told the others that I was playing out my dollar chips and then leaving. I would get down a bit and win so I stayed a bit longer than expected. When all was said and done, I left with 950 samolians. Not too shabby.

I cashed the chips in and went back to see when Mark and Kim were planning on going to the other casino that was about 20 miles away. I looked around and found E instead. He was killing the video poker machine. I sat next to him and put in 20 bucks and started playing Deuces Wild. The second hand I saw gave me 4 deuces right away. One more and I collect a big bonus. Damn, just 5 of a kind. I kept playing and before I knew it, I was up over $60. I cashed there and went searching for the others again.

Once we found each other and decided who was all going to the North Star casino, we headed back to the front desk to get our keys fixed as well as get the match play for the day. The North Star casino was bigger than the Menominee. More slots and more tables. We walked around a bit checking it out. It seemed like the theme was going to be slots. Nickel slots to be exact. We walked around putting money in here and there to play the games just for the bonuses. It seemed my horseshoe was still in me as I putzed around losing at first before I turned my luck around on a Price is Right machine. Got me back above even. I then when to an Austin Powers machine and cashed out for over $120. Got some bonus spin thing going and won $75 on one spin. Cool. Made numerous trips to the bar to get cans of Miller High Life for $1.75. Hey, we were living the high life so you might as well drink the part as well. Played more and left the North Star with a profit of over $100.

We had burgers at a bar, the Nasty Habit, that could rival the best burger you have had. They were damn good. During dinner, Kim called me a cock blocker. I can't quite recall why, but I thought it was hilarious. She must have been waiting years to call someone a cock blocker. After the food and a couple of beers, we headed back again. It was past 7 and there was a shindig for Gambino planned. Once we got back to the hotel, I had a beer and went back to the casino to play some poker. Sat next to Randy and played Hold Em. Table was loose as expected. Played for 2 hours before having to leave for the party. Left up $54 and pretty buzzed up. The poker room manager was sorry to see me go. I had talked a bit with her the previous day and she knew I would be back.

We tried to drink at the pool, but they wouldn't let us in there with food. That sucked so we headed to Gambino's room. There we drank and ate and heard about people shitting their pants. Nothing makes for a good night of drinking that a shitting-of-the-pants story. We watched Gambino's mom get hooched on Hot Sex. She was happy just sitting there in her chair chugging her chocolate milk. Everyone was quite happy and before long we were heading back to the casino.

I finally lost some money but not until two hours went by. I played the Men in Black machine. J wanted to see the dildo bonus (the symbols looked like dildos, what can I say) so I felt obliged to play until I hit it. In the end, it was a disappointment. From there it was machine jumping. I would have had a profit if I had been patient with the Little Green Men machine but I was tired and needed a beer. Went back to the room and crashed. It had been a long day but it was a good time. Best yet, I believe all the booze and gambling killed off any virus that was in me.

One thing I must say about the casino. These were some of the friendliest people you could meet. The people here were awesome. Exactly what I look for when I want to gamble.

On the drive home, you would think it would be easy to find a place to eat. We decided to stop at some place that we saw on a billboard. I chose the Great Plains restaurant by the outlet mall in Oshkosh. We found the place only to discover it was closed. So much for that great idea. Later on, just as we got into Milwaukee, both E and Lisa were passed out in the truck as I drove. When AC/DC came on playing Dirty Deeds, I noticed something that I found amusing. E was in the passenger side sleeping. I saw that if I hit a bump, his head would bob up and down. And if I swerved back and forth, his head would bob more. I was able to make little swerves back and forth and make his head go up and down to the music. E was sleep head-banging. Cool. Hey, I had to amuse myself some how.

Now, there may be some stories about people farting on others, but I will tell you that isn't necessarily true. I know some people have a fart fetish and like to be farted on but anyone that would do that is just plain sick!

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