Sunday, February 27, 2005

I found the cure!!!

And I know it will shock you to learn that the cure for mono is....

Beer and Gambling

It has to be it. I felt good enough to go to Keshena with some friends for a weekend of drinking, gambling and fun. Even when we left late Friday, I had to take some Tylenol as I felt a bit warm and didn't want that fever to come back. I felt fine as I drove roughly 3 hours to the great white north.

Upon our arrival and check in, the beer was passed out and I drank a couple bottle before heading into the casino (more to follow on that). After drinking until the wee hours and playing poker, I crashed and slept for maybe 5 hours? Woke up and...

Felt near perfect. Alcohol and poker may be the cure. So to ensure I didn't have a lapse, I had a screwdriver upon waking up. See that, vitamin C and vitamin V work well together to keep your health up.

Sunday I feel great. Throat has no soarness, head has no fever. And I owe it all to beer.

Hopefully tomorrow I can give a recap on some of the gambling activity that occurred including my big win at a game I rather loathe, but play with friends.

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James Wigderson said...

Does this mean if you were heads up in poker you were mono a mano?