Friday, February 25, 2005

Though I feel better, I am a mess

Woke up around 3 am. Nothing unusual there. My sleep pattern is totally messed up. If anything, it was good. I slept longer than I had over the last week. I also didn't feel too bad. I noticed that right away.

I also noticed that smell right away. It is terrible to wake up wondering what the heck stinks. I looked at the cat. No, wasn't him. I looked around the room and couldn't find anything. I smelled it again and soon realized it was me.

Boy, do I stink! I guess when you hear don't do anything for the rest of the week, I take it literally. I haven't showered since Tuesday. I guess when running a fever and staying bundled up, that sweat can really build up.

And you should see my hair. It looks like a bad toupee. And that is being nice. Boy does it need to get washed.

I did brush my teeth yesterday and was using Listerine. I also changed my clothes daily. C'mon that would be just gross to wear the same sweaty shirts and pants every day.

Shaving had been forgotten. I would like to say I look like Grizzly Adams but I never grow any facial hair that could remotely resemble a beard.

I hardly ate either. My scale says I lost about 8 pounds, but that piece of shit apparently has never been right.

So I feel quite a bit better and look to have a fun weekend. I know I am not out of the woods yet, but I need to escape my prison. I can only watch so many ok movies. Soul Plane was funny. Boat Trip was stupid. I will probably watch the Cookout later. Guess I have a black cinema thing going on.

I think I can sum it up on how miserable I felt this week. I didn't play any poker nor did I touch any alcohol. Well, I played some poker yesterday and did well. But I was so tired that I couldn't' muster myself to focus on a game.

That will change this weekend. I would type some more, but I really need to shower.

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