Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Beer and ...Bingo?

I got the call the other day. This Saturday- Beer and Bingo. Huh? I was told I did it last year. Hmm... Oh yeah! That was some sweet action!
My friend's brother is having his annual St. Patty's Day party on Saturday. Beer flows since the wee hours of the morn. At noon is the annual bingo game. Now, this in its own right seems weird. I don't know the tradition behind it but the funny part is that they know an old lady who is a professional bingo caller that comes in and calls the numbers. Last year, she was a riot. Or maybe it was the half bottle of whisky I had in me that made her seem funnier than she was. Either way, I will be comfortably numb, whether it be the drink or the game.
Last night I heard that we have reservations at one of the best steak houses in the city that night as well. A day of beer followed by a nice but of meat. Can it get any better?
Last night I played a SnG at Full Tilt. Man did the deck hit me in the head! In the first 20 hands, half of them were killer hands. I took a commanding lead, gave some up, but held on to take first. Not too shabby.
Shocker of shockers! The Detroit Tigers released outfielder and former Milwaukee Brewer Alex Sanchez. The kid has talent but he wastes it. Classic case of someone who just doesn't get it. Listen to your managers and veterans. If this guy had an ounce of discipline, he would have a chance at a long career. Granted he will probably get picked up by another team and hang there for a couple of years and still make some decent money, but still not as much as he could have.
Interestingly enough, the player that gave the Brewers the luxury of releasing Sanchez a couple years ago was traded this offseason. Scott Podsednik was dealt to the White Sox for Carlos Lee. Scotty will be missed, but maybe not for long. Lee hits the ball. Hard. All the time. He could be the needed power boost the Brewers sorely need. Then again, they sorely need a lot.
Finally, one small thing that has been bothering me the last 2 weeks. Who in the hell is going to the theaters to watch that stupid Vin Diesel movie? C'mon! Hulk Hogan did this movie years ago. It stunk then as it does now.

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