Wednesday, March 16, 2005

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I got around to switching out my CDs in the Explorer. You know how it gets when you go through the 6 discs and think that there is nothing on. Only problem for me is the changer is in the back of the truck (supposedly the only place they could install) and I forget to grab the magazine. Tonight I didn't. Also, listening to that 70's tape was beginning to drive me nuts. I sat around wondering how the Starland Vocal Band had a hit with Afternoon Delight. A song about getting it on before the evening. Talk about an ABC After School Special! I guess you have to like a song that glorifies the nooner.

So tomorrow I have a nice mix of tunes to listen to. So in order:

Helloween- The Dark Ride
Mr. Torture gives pain with his whips and his chains

Iron Maiden- Best of the Beast
Can I play with Madness? Yes, you can! Why? Aces High.

Rob Zombie- The Sinister Urge
Demon Speeding down the highway

Anthrax- Vol. 8 The Threat is Real
Won't you crush on me?

Dangerous Toys- Self titled
Scared? Man I think, really really think really think that I think, I like being scared.

Lit- Atomic
I'm so addicted to you and you such a dick to me!

Of course this is all hard rock. You need something to keep you awake after getting buzzed up at the bar. It may be only 5 miles of drive time, but you need to stay awake. Anthrax will keep you awake. Play it loud and play it proud.

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AlCantHang said...

Teas'n Pleas'n \m/ Sportin a Woody!

Haven't heard Dangerous Toys since..... I don't remember.