Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Why did I do that?

I had a bad night playing poker. It could have been worse if I had stayed but I was running bad and for once, was smart enough to walk away. Every possible suckout hit me. Anytime someone stays with their K 2 suited and hits runner runner for a flush, it will piss you off. But that is how it went.

I hadn't intended to play last night at all either. My intention was to take a day or two off. I wasn't in the right mind set to play either. I should have picked up a six pack at the very least. Instead, I thought about what may have set me off. Was it the dumb lady in the SUV who decided to stop on the freeway, blocking traffic, so she could make her lane change? Probably. I wanted to lay on my horn, but I was 2 vehicles behind. The guy in front of me gave her hell as he passed her. I would have loved to just ram that vehicle. Anyone who stops on a freeway should not have a license. If you are in the wrong lane and cannot keep traffic flowing, then you are stuck. Go with it and backtrack if you have to. You do not stop.

Maybe it was my tenant who had done it. Rent is past due and he is avoiding me. I have been too easy on him. I know I will get paid, but I shouldn't have to wait until the 20th of the month. I need to sit down and have a talk with him. Tell him things will change. I think the fact that he is avoiding me is what concerns me. It used to be that he would hand me the money. Now it is always slipped under the door.

All of this had an effect on my health this morning. I woke up with a sore big toe. The king of the toes was revolting on me. I don't know how I may have sprained, twisted, broke...it during the night but that first step out of bed woke me up.

If only I could have a drink now. I bet I could increase my productivity if I had a beer or two. Then again, I would be better off if I hadn't read
BG's countdown to Vegas. 2100 some hours? I hurt my brain trying to do the math. That wouldn't have happened if I had a beer. Go read random thoughts. Much better than the mindless thoughts I have. C'mon I just wrote about my big toe for cripe's sake!!!

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Human Head said...

It appears that I have a lot of alchohol soaked posts to catch up on, good stuff! I must put up a link to you ASAP.