Friday, March 18, 2005

The old man's bar

Yep, my old haunt has become an old man's bar. I met up with Gambino yesterday to hoist a couple pints in honor of the Irish. Dutifully made the toast to Iggy. We just sat around shooting the shit. It was early on that I had noticed that the place was primarily filled with old people. I guess Big Momma invites all of her friends to come down and drink Kesslers with her.

It was mild night. Didn't go out to get drunk. Just to have a couple of beers and relax. It is one of the few days I will drink the coffee beer that Irish Stout is (no offense to those who quaff it down like water). It did taste damn good though. I only stayed a couple of hours. Not a big fan of amateur nights like St. Patty's has become.

I did want to get home and play poker. I had some freeroll points at Poker Mountain that I believe I had to use. With the problem they had the other day, they refunded me more points that they should have which made me eligible for a larger freeroll pool ($2500 vs $1000). Only 70 signed up. In the end, I finished 7th and won $125. My plan of playing Iggy style poker (fueled by pints of Guinness)works.

So now I got to thinking. Who is next? I have raised the glass to Al and Iggy. I guess if I run into some place that has Red Stripe, I can hoist one to Dr. Pauly or a Heineken to BadBlood. Leave your choice of poison so I can salute you during my next binge (scheduled for Saturday).

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