Saturday, April 02, 2005

At the old ballgame

Miller Park. The stadium that is home to the Milwaukee Brewers. Beautiful building.

Went to watch the Brewers last night take on the hated White Sox. Too many Chicago people for my taste but they bring in the money on a rainy night.

I like baseball. Great break in the monotony that sometimes is life. That is why I love Miller Park. With the ability to walk around the entire stadium, you can walk along and pick and choose your view.

You are maybe 15 yards behind the plate if you view from behind the batter. Amazing.

Or go to deep center and watch the gap in right and left. Dodge the raindrops though.

The right field corner is nice. So is the loge level.

Nice place to sit back, drink some beer and talk with friends. Best of all, baseball season is just beginning. Can't wait to tailgate.

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