Monday, May 02, 2005

Football Sunday

Or that is how it felt.

I was finished playing poker by 11 (1st in a SnG for $50 and 87th in a MTT for $3) and taking a shower. I had to be up at the bar by quarter to the hour to be ready for the game. I was drinking the first beer by 11:46. The other guys showed up. Jimmy and Brian had some tappers with me. Johnny was all hung over and drinking soda. Yes, it felt like a football Sunday.

We headed out to Miller Park. Jim had the foresight to bring some beer along. We had a couple more in the lot before heading in. The wind was blowing, making it feel colder than it probably was. Felt like late November out. Like a football Sunday.

Once inside, we headed up to the Club level. Brian had gotten the tickets from a vendor. Nice seats behind the plate. Got some beers right away. The lady tried to card us, but we laughed it off. John wasn't drinking and would be able to enjoy $1 sodas all day. The hot dogs were a buck too (Spring (?) Madness at the stadium). I have never seen someone buy a round of hot dogs until John did just that.

The final of the game was like a football score. Brewers win, 13-3. I enjoyed a number of beers during the game, like a football Sunday. I was upset that they didn't have a picture of Willy Mo Pena to put on the board. Just saying the name is fun. Willy Mo. He crushed one deep to left center. But alas, no picture. They must have had one from last year laying around.

We had a couple more beers back in the parking lot. Win was still blowing and it was trying to rain. You know you have had a good time when watching the gulls rip apart a bag of food is hilarious. One tried to keep the others away from the onion rings but failed. One by one they swooped in and got a ring and took off flying, pursued by other birds. Too freakin' funny!

Back to Packys for a pitcher. Then to Big Mamas for some more. They had a band playing trying to raise money for cancer. Why the guy wanted to get cancer, I will never know!
I headed out at 5:45 to get home to play in the WPBT satellite event. Got home just in time. But I had only 4 beers in the fridge. This could get ugly.

Long story short, I finished in 8th. Made the final table in second spot after a nice rush. Made a brief showing at numero uno, but then my aces didn't hold up and I was done. Had a good time though.

Taped Deadwood so I can watch that tonight. I fell asleep right around 10. I was then wide awake at 3 in the morning when the alcohol had pretty much wore off. I layed around trying to get back asleep. I never really did.

Just like a football Sunday


Human Head said...

You played great, dude. Nice job!

April H. said...

Great job in the tourney. Making the final table was fun but way to short for me. Congrats on outlasting me!