Wednesday, April 13, 2005

They have their site up

The Hooters Hotel and Casino is up. Most people know of my love for Hoooters. And the restaurant. When I first heard the news last year, I was excited. Now that truly looks like it will happen, I can't wait.

I noticed some things that were interesting. They are going with some tavern in the place. Yeah, that may not be unusual. But the poker room inside the tavern just might be. Also, I see that Dan Marino is all over it. I know he either owns or used to own some Hooters in Florida. Now he will have his own fine dining area.

Maybe its me but the thought of chowing down wings, drinking beer and gambling might just be heaven on earth. I may blow a nut just by being comped on wings!


Human Head said...

Getting comped some wings truly would be a slice of heaven.

3 Mile Island w/ extra sauce!

All Things Dave said...

If I went there I would never leave and would die of scurvy since I would eat nothing but beer and chicken wings.

Blonde said...

I would throw away my career, get out my Hooters uniform from college and work there.

Surrounded by all of that testosterone....sigh...