Thursday, April 14, 2005


Match the numbers:

With the answers:
When I will stop working today (at least mentally)
Number of times the Cowboys are slated to be on national TV this year
Number of Cowboys games I am guaranteed to see
Number of beers I will have in my belly by 6pm
Number of steps I climb, minimum, on an average day
Number of handicap stalls in the building
Number of the floor that handicap stall is on
Number of cups of coffee I will have
Number of trips to pee
Number of minutes I will waste invest reading poker blogs
Number of times I will look at the busty girl's breasts during lunch

I can't help but chuckle at the
Sports Illustrated Baseball Power Rankings this morning. My FIRST PLACE Brewers are at number 11. I can figure out if that is where they will peak or if they could really move up another notch or two. Yeah, it is a peak. But I am lovin every minute of it.

Now that everyone has a Loverboy tune stuck in their head (turn that dial all the way, shoot me like a rocket into space, lovin every minute of it- just to fix it in!), let's continue on with the NFL. If I am an Eagles fan, and I thank the Lord I am not, I would be pissed at Terrell Owens. This turd has the nerve to demand more money and wants to renegotiate after one year. He cried his way out of SF and got his way and now wants more? I hope the Jeff Lurie and the Eagles stand firm and stick to their principals. Make him play out his contract. He got paid well last year (9 mil) and will get paid well next year (7.5 mil). Wait, he is getting only 3.5 mil this year. Boo hoo! And he had the nerve to insult the man throwing him the ball. McNabb is a class act. He didn't need to be dragged into Owens selfish battle. Though it wouldn't help the Eagles, but it would be great to see them trade Owens back to the lowly Niners and offer to play the 3.5 mil for him to play back in SF where he has no chance to win.

SI also has a list of their, ahem "games to watch". Week 1 looks great. Week 2, St. Louis at Arizona? Uh, no! No one cares about Kurt Warner. No one. Just like the rest of the country doesn't care about the Red Sox/Yankees rivalry. Week 10, Packers/Falcons. Whatever. Just another game. Nothing big here. Stop trying to reach.

Plan on heading out to happy hour tonight. Who wants a toast raised to them? Name your drink and it shall be done!!!

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James Wigderson said...

Last weekend of the regular season: Pretty good deal for the drinking crowd. Friday night - out drinking. Saturday - New Year’s Eve plus two games of NFL football, Sunday - football at the bars, Sunday night - Dallas Cowboys, Monday - scheduled holiday and college football.

Make mine a Stoli on the rocks, olives, no twist.