Monday, April 18, 2005

Sundays just aren't the same anymore. I used to go to the Brewers game with a certain amount of regularity (no, this isn't a bitch against ya Wig). Now, I just lay around and relax, usually playing poker or watching a movie. I should probably be outside doing some kind of yardwork or something but that doesn't interest me in the least.

So now it seems that Sundays are a total waste. For example, yesterday I read the book Rule of Four. It was one of those Amazon suggestion selections for people that really enjoyed the Da Vinci Code. I had come across Rule of Four over a year ago and it wasn't until this past Saturday that a friend of mine lent me the book. I read the entire thing yesterday. At least mostly read it as there were spots that had nothing to do with the real storyline. In the end, I thought it sucked. Seemed like a promising story but it never truly developed.

I think that is the only reason I read the whole thing yesterday was that I thought it would get a lot more interesting and I was curious about how it would end. Well, the end was lame too. I would have been better off watching grass grow.

I did have a good time on Saturday night at the Rawson Pub. Gambino threw a party for her old man. Interesting group of people were there. The bar itself is pretty good, but with the layout they have, it looks like they could have more space inside. If they got rid of one pool table and just had regular tables in one area by the volleyball courts, I think it would make a big difference. Instead, it sometimes feels more crowded in there than it actually is.

They have a good amount of bar counter space as it is a big square. Nothing fancy about what they serve. No big display of any top shelf liquor. Just the basics and beer.

Bartenders are pretty cool too. They have one dude (a mimbo) and one chick working. They are pretty fast with what they do. I tried to bribe one into not serving a friend some Blatz but that didn't work. You have to wonder what the hell is wrong with someone who drinks Blatz! For Jimmy's sake at least drink Hamms!

Overall I give the Rawson Pub a thumbs up. Good music, good beer and service. I don't think you can ask for much more.

When I go home after the party Saturday, I fired up the pc and played some poker. Came in first in a SnG! Man, do I love drunken poker!


All Things Dave said...

Congrats on coming in first in the SNG.

How one can play in an SNG while drunk is amazing. Way above my drinking and thinking while drinking ability.


djw said...

as the night went on, my Blatz was tasting more and more watery.