Thursday, May 26, 2005

But I Love Las Vegas

If you have never heard Dean Martin sing "I Love Las Vegas", you are missing out on a great tune. I know the time for Vegas is drawing nigh (where did that fancy talk come from?) when Deano voice sings in my head. I subconsciously fire it up on the pc when playing cards. Then I go back and play it again, and again, and again. Then I listen to Frank and Sammy sing a killer version of "Mack the Knife". Yep, I tend to listen to some Rat Pack, not a lot, to feed the monkey bouncing around inside me, jonesing for touchdown at McCarren. One week and I will be there. And I am planning for a trip in August. Who wants to go then as well?

I am a bit surprised about the reaction I receive from many of my friends when I tell them what I am doing out there this time. There are the usual questions. What are you going to do? Going to Vegas to play in a poker tournament. I am surprised I have received no reaction on that. Doesn't even faze them.

Who you going with? No one. Going to meet a bunch of people I have never met out there to play poker, drink and gamble til I drop. No response. I would think that someone along the way would say something to the likes of "How do you know who these people are? Will you recognize them? What if they are jagoffs?" The answer to those questions is easy. I don't. Some, maybe. They could be, but I highly doubt it.

I went to Vegas by myself in December and enjoyed it. I had no one dragging me down, forcing me to leave a good game. Not that I will always go by myself but that won't every hold me back. Now I have a chance to go "meet" new people. One can feel they know someone just by reading their blogs. You can get a feel for who they are. Heck, you already know their interests, so I don't think hanging with someone I have never met in person will be an issue.

At Up For Poker, they ran a series of questions about who you want to toss back a drink with and talk poker, writing, tacos, etc. I won't go through the whole list but will paraphrase a bit.

I am looking forward to shooting the shit with and tilting glasses with Al. That should be quite a time. I also want to drink with the Human Head and Bob. I like their perspectives on things. Somewhat like mind but different enough to talk about and more importantly, learn new things.

There are a handful of others such as BG, Dr. Pauly and Iggy. I separate them from the group only because I really respect the writing/work they do on their blogs. They are daily reads because of the talent they have and how one can relate to what they do. I know they may be hounded by others and well, I don't want to be the drunk idiot that tries the approach of acting like a long lost friend that they have known forever and make an idiot of myself. I recall a post BG and Pauly had about people acting like they are part of the group. That rang with me. They had good points in it that I agree with. The majority of these people don't know me from the next guy shuffling chips at a table so I will just keep it cool. I guess somewhere along the line shit will just happen so I am simply not gonna sweat it.

There are others I would like to yap with of course. One would have to be Grubby. If you don't read his blog, you are missing out. Where else can you live vicariously through a Vegas resident? Great stuff. I wouldn't mind talking with Hank about working for an online poker company. Music with Badblood would be good, as he may turn me on to some bands I may like. I know somewhere over the 5 day period I will probably have Linda dealing to me over at the Bellagio. I also look for an opportunity to talk with Felicia. She can't be as bad as she lets up to. Hell, I like people that can be blunt.

Best of all, I will meet some people I either read in passing or not at all. That may be the best part. The way I see it, anyone who can think up a thought such as storming a casino's poker room with 100 people on a Saturday night can't be bad. They must have watched too many Batman TV shows as a kid to come up with this. Pure evil genius that could only have been inspired by the Joker.

Other things that will happen:
Playing 6/12 at the Mirage. Just may be my favorite game in Vegas.
Maybe an Omaha 8 game with Al. I like Omaha but I just am not that good at it, yet.
Pai Gow at TI. 8 hours of drinking Makers and ginger ale. Must remember to eat this time.
Drinking Cabo Wabo at the after party.
Checking out the Wynn.
Playing some nickel slots to amuse myself with the bonus games.
The nightly tourney at Mandalay.

At least that is some for now. There will be others added in throughout the next week.

I have no set schedule which is cool. I figure by 7ish I will be checked in at the Imperial Palace and ready to go. Those who would like to meet up and enjoy a cold one, let me know. Send me an email at

I just have to go through a torturous 7 days now. This rant looks like crap but so be it. I am going to Vegas so I don't care.


James Wigderson said...

Everyone will want to know your reaction to the new Wynn casino. We'll want details. And i want to know which sportsbook you recommend after this trip.

Huge Junk said...

I'm looking forward to meeting you in a couple of days. Anyone who enjoys bourbon is good in my book! My number should be on the spreadsheet. If not shoot me an email at and I'll hook you up with it.