Saturday, May 21, 2005

Falling on the sword

IF anyone can help with a technical issue I seem to be having, it would be greatly appreciated. Somehow my sidebar has dropped to the bottom of the page. Don't know exactly how it happened but I can't seem to fix it. I have looked through the template and don't notice anything that may have changed. Then again, what do I know. If anyone has run into this and knows a solution, please let me know. There could be beer in it for you.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled post...

Not much was happening last night. I headed up to Club Garibaldi to meet up with some friends. One from work, the other two from another bar. I started with the Anchor Steam. Pretty good, but not as good as the Spotted Cow which I would switch to after a couple pints of the Anchor.

There was a party going on in the hall. Funkiest bunch of rednecks walking into the place. I guess the joke was to make up their own t-shirts about whosever (is that a word?) birthday it was. Bottom line: too many chicks wearing shirts too tight for their bellies to handle. Ugh!

So we took off to a buddy's house. This is where I took one for the team. He only had Milwaukee's Best left, maybe a dozen cans. I told him I would drink the MB. He was willing to hit the liquor store to get better beer but I wouldn't hear of it. Someone had to drink it and I was willing to hurl my body on the grenade so that others would have better, fresher beer to drink at a later time.

The things I do for my friends.


Human Head said...

Did you get it fixed? When I brought up your post just now the sidebar looked OK. If it's still happening in your browser, go over to the browser options and clear out your cache and hopefully that will help.

Ignatious said...

ditto, for me, too. looks fine.

James Wigderson said...

Change the size of the font.