Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Waste of time

There are a couple things that I dread doing. They just feel like a waste of time. They never take that long to do, maybe 15-20 minutes but I just hate doing them. Like getting a haircut. I need to make sure my guy is available, walk down there, make the small talk, just to get my ears shortened.

Another one is getting the emissions test for the vehicles. Did that one yesterday. Took the Explorer in on its bi-annual test. I tried this last Thursday just to find that place closed so this time I made sure I was early enough. When I got there, the wait was estimated at 11 minutes. Took me 15. Why? Vital information for anyone in the drunken state of Wisconsin. When you need to have the test done, always pick the line with the newest cars. I don't care if there is one car behind some hoopty built in 1978. Don't pick that line. Take the one with 4 cars built within the last 9 years. You will zoom through the line quicker.

Why? The new cars have the onboard systems checked. There is no exhaust test. The older vehicles need to have the tailpipe hooked up and then revved up and down. The test takes about 12 minutes.

Yep, you guessed it. I got caught behind one of those old vehicles yesterday. Hadn't thought about it when I approached, but I will be ready next time.

From there I went home and laid around doing little. Played some poker online. I have found myself playing .25/.50 Razz a bit over at Full Tilt. Did pretty good last night by playing crazy for 2 hands, showing down a 9 or 10 to get people to think I have no idea what I was doing. No, I don't claim to be an expert Razz player but I got my intended result yesterday. The guy on my left began to call me down on every hand. Soon his stack was in my stack. Sweet! I will try that again. Over play a bad hand to get that bad table image. Worked well last night.

From there I finished off a book, The Professor, the Banker and the Suicide King. Very good read about the biggest game in poker. I stayed up late to get it done. A funny thing happened later in the night. I woke up a bit early and sat there wondering about the big game. I was actually confused at what Beal was really trying to accomplish. He claims he wanted to beat the pros at their game. He put enough time and energy into it and became a very good heads up player. But was he beating them at their game? Money isn't an issue to him. So to beat the pros, why should money be an issue? I think he should be playing at their desired stakes, not necessarily the higher ones he wanted in order to get an edge. That way, if he won, he would have done it with skill, not luck or scaring them out of their cash by playing at high levels. Oh well, just my thoughts. I don't have millions to throw around to really find out.

Today will be fun as my boss is in town. So I have to get this typed before she gets up here.


EvaCanHang said...

What's your name on FTP? I love playing the .25/.50 razz there. Every once in a while, I see Derek too.

Maybe I'll see you at the tables...

StB said...

This will come as a shocker: NightRanger.

EvaCanHang said...

Ooooooo... :-)

Mine's MrsCantHang. Really hard to tell Al created the account. lol