Monday, July 18, 2005

Deep thoughts

It was pretty warm out on Saturday and it wasn't even past 10:30 in the morning. As I walked past South Shore park, people were already pulling up, grabbing their lawn chairs and blankets to plot out a spot for the parade and fireworks later. But as I walked down Superior St., I had one thing on my mind.

The whiny bitch comment that was made on my blog that morning. Someone is "weeping" because I haven't given out any advice lately. Furthermore, they needed advice on how to pace themselves for a day of drinking. I hadn't intended for this to look like any kind of advice post, but as I walked down the street, I got to thinking. I had myself a conclusion about an hour later, as I grabbed my 4th beer out of the cooler, by the parade route underneath the hot sun.

Their is no such thing as pacing yourself while drinking. I repeat, there is no such thing as pacing yourself while drinking.

Simply put, it cannot be done. Why? First, we must think about why we are drinking. To socialize and get a good buzz going. By attempting to pace yourself, you are going against your original goals. If you cannot handle a full day of drinking, then you cannot handle a full day of drinking. Thus, don't even both to step up to the big table and hang with the adults. You belong at the kiddie table still. It is one of those things that just happens. And even with the best of intentions, sometimes even the best will go a day where they get drunk pretty damn fast. About the only thing you can do is be smart about your drinking. First, pick a drink and stick with it. Don't mix it up. If you are doing tumblers, then tumble away. If you are drinking beer, then just drink beer. Yeah, you may be able to pop a shot in there somewhere, but if you do too many, you won't last.

Plus, eat some food. Some. Don't stuff you pie hole. Just enough to fill a portion of your stomach. There is more alcohol coming. That food just bought you a couple more hours.

Also, you need to stay active. Just shooting the shit with your friends is good enough. But you need to move around. It is when you stop doing something, especially late at night, that the alcohol totally takes over and you are done. You can drink all day when something is going on.

About the only other item to mention is to pay attention to your drink. If it needs to be chilled, make sure it is chilled. Don't let it get warm, and don't drink the warm stuff just for the sake of drinking it. Case in point: On Saturday, the barrel didn't have enough ice. The beer was cold, but it would warm up fast in the heat. You could drink it faster but you may not enjoy yourself. If needed, pour just enough that you need to be able to go back, socialize and still have cold beer when you hit the bottom. Or switch to bottles.

Simply put, that is what works for me. I am sure others have different ways that work for them as well. Any thing to add is more than welcome in the comments section. But no whining!

I had another observation as I walk down the street. There were a number of houses having parties. At 10:30 in the morning, I couldn't more than 2 blocks without observing a group of people in their driveways, enjoying some cocktails. I then realize this neighborhood I live in is a bit of a party in itself. The adults get their posse together for the Frolics every year and find it a good reason to get their friends together and give 'er hell for a day.

Needless to say, the beer went down well on Saturday. Even took a walk down to the lake to watch part of the air show. I don't get it. What is so exciting about watching planes fly around in formation, whipping by each other? I guess it just isn't for me. Neither were the fireworks. Don't do much for me either. After all the drunkenness, I think I went back and played some poker on Full Tilt. I think I did. Actually, I think I played a couple SnGs at PokerRoom (which I lost) while I was doing well at Razz and Limit Hold Em on FT. I saw the half full can of beer next to the pc so I assumed I had played some.

Then on Sunday, after not winning thousands at Party Poker, I headed back to the scene of the crime, St. Veronica's, to watch the Rhythm Method. The unthinkable even happened. I stood there watching a band at a church festival and didn't even consume a drop of beer. Not a single drop of that swill Bud touched my lips. I didn't have any alcohol. It was my silent protest against the parish for the damage they did to the Drinking for Jesus tour. But a recovery will be made. That I can guarantee.

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