Saturday, July 16, 2005

Thou shalt not drink bad beer

The Drinking for Jesus tour 2005 tour a tragic turn yesterday. The scene was St. Veronica's. The bands were the Toys- Milwaukee's most overrated cover band- and the Barbeez- who seem to be in love with Loverboy. The air was warm. Perfect for drinking beer.

But there wasn't any beer.

Instead, it was Budweiser.

Nothing will ruin a festival faster than having Bud for sale. I piss strong beer than Bud.

But that is what they were selling. Disappointment doesn't even begin to express my feelings. I came to the festival not necessarily expecting to see Miller product. Afterall, St. Veronica's usually has Coors products. I can handle that.

But I can't handle Bud. It is colored water. It has no taste. It looks bad too. How can you new light beer be darker than your flagship brand? I place the Bud Select (yes, I did have two beers because my friend bought beer tickets) next to the Bud and it was darker. It looked more like beer. Like beer. Not the same as beer. Oh wait. No wonder it looked like beer. They are trying to copy Miller Lite.

So we listened to the Barbeez play basically Loverboy and Journey. Thus, it was kinda boring. Not wanting to waste our drinking time or money, we went back to the bar. There, H was having fun serving up Irish Car Bombs. After a couple of those and a Brewers victory- on a balk nonetheless!- and some 32 oz Millers, I was quite happy and could care less about the festival.

But the disappointment still lingers. I will probably be over it in an hour when I have a beer at the South Shore Frolics.

And thanks to Jason for the Shoutcast recommendation. Exactly what I was looking for. Rock on!


James Wigderson said...

No flask?

April H. said...

Bud should be illegal.

All Things Dave said...

The swill known as Budwieser should be banned.

Fat Dan said...

Budweiser Select though darker is still not even close to being a copy of Miller Lite. Miller Lite tastes good, not like Bud-Light with water.

Bad bad bad beer!!!