Thursday, July 14, 2005

Don't stand sit so close to me

I got to the meeting just before it started. It was in the auditorium with plenty of seat around me. So why did this guy have to sit not just next to me, but extremely close to me. It was invading my personal space. I tried to move over a bit but the seat next to me was already jammed up against the person two spots down.

So I had to sit on half a seat for an hour. Thankfully, it is over now.

During the beginning of the meeting I read a Wall Street Journal article about gadgets that pour beer fast. It focused on a University of Wisconsin grad who invented a tap that pours beer 2.5 seconds. They claim the normal beer takes 8. Who the hell is tapping that beer? I figure 4-5 seconds top, unless some retard is behind the bar. But the concept is a longer tap that goes deep into the glass. Makes sense to me. Think about pouring a nice Hacker Pschorr out of a bottle. Proper method is to stick the bottle in the glass and slowly draw it straight up. Perfect pour when done right.

Man, I would love a Hacker right about now.

Yet another Milwaukee alderman has been indicted by the feds. What the hell am I doing in this city still? I see my taxes rising again because of a-holes like this guy. Of course, he will not step down. Don't give us this bullshit about how your district would be losing out if you quit at this time. How can you be losing if a crook isn't representing you?

Man, I would really love a Hacker right about now.


James Wigderson said...

You can always move out to Waukesha where we're governed by the condo board of Boca Del Vista.

djw said...

That made my day. I love a good Seinfeld reference.