Friday, July 15, 2005

If any of this make sense, let me know

I don't know why I am putting a post up. I don't have anything to really say today. But I do want some ideas.

First, can someone point me to a good streaming radio that I don't have to sign up for. Something good I can listen to while I type this in the morning at work, or when I doing mindless stuff later in the day. Sometimes Most of the time I head to Al's and listen to what has been uploaded. Al has some great stuff, but one can only listen to it so many times. I need something else. Google searches have given me the same crap again and again. So if anyone can point me to some good streaming hard rock, that would be great.

About the only interesting thing I saw yesterday were the Blue Angels soaring above the Milwaukee skyline. According to Gambino, the birds were all "willy nilly". I find that phrase somewhat disturbing. It just rubs me the wrong way. Then I see BG uses the same damn phrase yesterday. But he spelled it "willy-nilly". Is it a hyphenated phrase? See, it should be abolished. I do not need to see that twice in a single day, an hour apart.

Maybe the problem is I didn't drink last night. I could have, probably should have. But when I went by the bar I didn't recognize any cars that were out front. Yeah, I could have gone in and talked with the bartender, but I went home to play poker instead. There will be enough consumption of beer this weekend.

Actually there is a whole lot going on this weekend. As mentioned earlier, the Blue Angels are in town for an air show. There is Bastille Day downtown. In my neighborhood it is the South Shore Water Frolics. Can't forget about the Drinking for Jesus tour, with a stop at St. Veronicas. I also am signed up for the Party Poker Half Million Guaranteed tournament on Sunday afternoon. And there is the Charlie tournament over at PokerStars. GO SIGN UP ALREADY!

See, I wouldn't be so cranky if I had a beer or 10 yesterday. Maybe it is the damn firewall at work that is doing it. Suddenly, I cannot read half of the blogs I usually read at work anymore. Some are blocked early in the day, but viewable later. No rhyme or reason.

So who is going to start the WSOP pool? We are down to 9 players. I have money on the Mouth, Mike Matusow!


J. Gambino said...

I blame myself for your inability to consume malted beverages. Had I not already taken off the titsling, I may have joined you. As for streaming radio. I do recommend going to They have a bunch of stations, limited commercials and it is free. My current favorite is
It is called Pop For Sale. It is all the songs you hear on commercials, in their entirety. It brings up a small pop window for the station. Enjoy! I am currently jamming to "Radar Love."

Jason said...

mp3 streams that I listen to in Winamp

Just choose "Metal" as the genre on the right.


- jason

All Things Dave said...

good mp3 podcasts from adam curry (used to be on MTV).

All Things Dave said...

As I write this I am weeping openly over how this blog has not written enough about drinking.

1) Summer drink posts and suggestions?
Don't look at this blog.

2) How to drink all day knowing you are going out with your buds and will have to do it? How to pace yourself?
Don't look at this blog.

3) How to play in poker SNG's while totally blasted? Don't look at this blog.

What the hell has happened? Did you get married or something?

Where is the STB that taught me what flask to buy?

I am begging you to get some more posts to help my drinking ASAP.

See ya at the tables. Tried emailing you but the address you posted was invalid.

StB said...

Dave, you send me some money and I will write that stuff. I gotta pay my bar tab somehow.

All Things Dave said...


I prefer to make my donations at the poker tables.

have a good weekend