Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Rain comes crashing down

It sounded like a good down pour. A constant patter of rain was falling. I didn't bother to look at the clock. By the way the cat was acting I could guess it was around 4. I was just irked that the rain had not only awoken me but forced me to use the bathroom.

The rain made it an interesting drive into work. Beside it looking all gray and gloomy, it made the streets red with all the morons riding their brakes. Why is it that people feel the need to drive 10mph slower with just a little drizzle? It wasn't a heavy rain. Yet people could barely do 50, and that was constantly speeding up and slowing down.

It was also one of those morning drives where I wish I had a beater car. I would have loved to have spun out the Taurus that jammed his way in front of me. Hey, if you are going to miss the turn, go to the next exit and retrace your steps. You do not have the right to fuck up traffic, push your way in, and make it rougher for everyone behind you. A car length between me and the guy in front is not ample room for you to move into.

Now that Summerfest is over, the summer sometimes seems like this rainy morning. Gloomy. Sometimes that is. This year is different. There is more going on. This weekend is the South Shore Frolics as well as St. Veronica's festival, a perennial stop on the Drinking for Jesus Tour. Beyond that is the State Fair where I will probably see Cinderella and Ratt. Maybe I will go one county over to catch Tesla. Next month is the Miller Brewing Company birthday party at Miller Park featuring Bon Jovi. I have yet to get tickets for that one. Those of the hardest free tickets to come by. I thought with all the Miller I have consumed in my lifetime that I would receive a person invite. Guess not.

I didn't see any of the Bible studies kids this morning either. Maybe cuz I was running later than usual. I had loaded up Motley Crue's Shout at the Devil to blast as I drove by them walking down the highway. I guess there is always tomorrow.

When I pulled into my parking spot, I spotted a celebrity. Ok, maybe not a celebrity in either sense but the way this guy was dressed made me think of Dance Fever host Denny Terrio (I don't care if it was Denny or Danny or Smith. That is how I remember it and I ain't Googling it). The guy was wearing this lavender shirt with khakis. I think he had on fine Italian leather shoes too. But as I followed him into the building, he kept looking down. From my vantage point, it looked like he was checking himself out. He was probably thinking "Damn, don't I look good today!".

After work I am heading out to Club Paragon to meet up with a bunch of people I work/used to work with. Could be fun. If it isn't, then I will corral a couple people and head to Hooters. Afterall, Hooters makes you happy!

That's it. Have you read Dr. Pauly's WSOP update today? Or Otis' PokerStars report? Go read those now that my drivel is over. And sign up for the Charlie tournament on Sunday already!!! I have, have you?

WPBT "Charlie" Tournament

When? 6PM EST Sunday July 17th

PokerStars... Check under the Private Tournament Tab

How Much? $20 -
every penny goes to charity

What Do I Get When I Win? The comfort of
knowing you're doing something good for someone else. No, Really... No. Really.

All proceeds to go to wherever Charlie Tuttle's family wants them.

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djw said...

hey steve. if you read this before sunday, how do I get in the tournament?