Monday, August 08, 2005

Drinking for Jesus rolls on the south side

Some decisions that are made do not seem that wrong at the moment they are made. But as time goes by, the magnitude of the error builds. In the end one can be filled with a lot of regret.

That one would be me on Saturday. The decision was all musical.

I should have gone to Alpine Valley for Ozzfest. Not for Ozzy mind you but to see Iron Maiden and Rob Zombie. I know I could have talked a buddy into heading down for that one.

Or I should have gone to the State Fair. Bobby Friss was playing as well as Sonic Circus. I didn't realize the Circus was in town until after hours at the bar when some people got back from the Fair.

Instead, the Drinking for Jesus tour rolled into Divine Mercy of the Sacred Mother of Angels Christ Lord of the Apostles in Cudahy. I tend to not remember exactly what some of these places are called anymore. The names are too long. Let's keep it simple with Saint someone holy from now on, ok?

The music I had to settle for was Mount Olive. Though it can be entertaining, this band has pretty much played their way out. They have some talent but I have had enough of them for the summer. The best part of the night was not the entertainment on stage, but that in front of the stage. It looked like an audition for "So you think you can dance".

First there was the "I am your biggest fan" guy in front. Tall, dorky looking dude who kept jumping around, front and center, by the band. Just what you want. Some guy to take a prime spot, forcing any chicks to be around him. Talk about a buzzkill.

Second was mullet man. He follows this band around. Kinda like a male groupie. Watching him "dance"- yes it should be in quotes- is somewhat painful. It looks like he is having a seizure. I feel like I should help him get his medication. It looks like one of those springy toys. You know the one where you press the button on the bottom and the character moves about. Painful to watch, but funny as well.

Third was the black shirt. This guy was "dancing" with his back to the band. What made him a sight to see was the jump moves he was doing. For no reason, he would suddenly kick up a foot to the side. It looked so stupid. Worse part, I don't believe he was drunk. This was a sober dance.

Maybe the fourth guy was drunk. There was the giant in the middle of the area just standing there. He had to be like 6' 7" or so. Just standing there as some girl danced in front of him, looking up to his face. I thought he was getting a lapper at first. I was waiting for her to grind on him. All the time he just stood there. At one point we think he may have swayed to the music but it could not be confirmed.

But the winner of the night was the out cold drunk sitting at the table right in front of us. The guy is right by a speaker but he is gone. Slumped to the right, trying to sleep on the chair. Once I noticed him, I got in front to make sure he was out. At that time I gave Brian the signal. There was some little Happy Meal toy that was sitting on a table. That toy ended up on the drunk's head. There is stayed for many minutes until he moved. But it was soon back up there. Then people started taking pictures of him. Their friends would move around him and have their picture taken with the out cold drunk. Some friends and I had a pic taken as well. I will have to get a copy of up here of it.

The other notable thing was how this crowd compared to the ugliest festival crowd in the world. I noticed some attractive girls. Twice as many than in South Milwaukee were seen in the first 5 minutes of being there. But they were all under aged. Nothing worse than going fishing and having to throw them back.

In the end, it was another successful tour stop. It would have been much better to see Maiden but you have to live with decisions made.


Blonde said...

I love mullets. Twenty years later, some men just can't give up the business in the front, and the party in the back. Classic. Did you get any pics? I have a skullet pic on TMIAB from a week or so ago that I took.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

StB said...

I am trying to get the pic with the drunk guy. Otherwise I am not that technologically inclined. I guess it is time to get a digital camera or cam phone.