Friday, August 19, 2005


I was in prime condition last night. The 16oz bottles of Lite were going down nicely as the weather turned really nasty outside. The conversation with Gambino was interesting. I got in some good gambling talk with her hubby when he showed up. H was featuring her assets behind the bar.

I was comfortably buzzed up.

I even dropped a line I got from The Blonde's site- No means eat me out first. That had the ladies squealing with delight. I never thought I would want to hear NO so much. Now if only they will let me make them squeal with delight.

So I sat there drinking and thinking about the weekend. There are a bunch of poker bloggers descending on G-Vegas for Bradoween. I see Fat Dan is off for a weekend of booze watching cars go in a circle. Joe Speaker is getting messed up with an old buddy. I myself will be celebrating a brewery's birthday by walking around a parking lot watching various bands play. Later I will head over to a friend's party and try to piss of his friend who works for a Bud distributor. I did last year so I see it as being a new tradition.

Lots of people visiting the great state of inebriation. I like it!

So my expectations for a good weekend are rather high. But as I mentioned to Gambino yesterday, it is good to go in with high expectation or low expectations? I say it isn't as easy as one thinks. Let's look at the scenarios:

High expectations- Feel free to sing the Kiss song "Great Expectations" as you read on. If you go into an event expecting a great time, one of two things will happen. It won't meet your expectation and you will be disappointed. It could still be a very good time, but because expectations were high, it may not quite reach the standard you were hoping for. Your high expectations could ruin a good time. I find myself in this situation a lot of times with movies. Friends hype them up to a point where I expect the flick to be awesome. Most of the time I expect it to be that good and they are not.

The other side of high expectations is that something could totally suck but you ignore it because your mind is wired to like it no matter what. Concerts are a good example. If you are a huge fan of a band, no matter how bad they sound one night, you may not care. You probably won't notice. Motley Crue is a good example. Some nights it seems Vince Neil never really sings. I have heard him sing every 5th word to Shout at the Devil before and it sucks the big one. Some people don't care because they just want to enjoy the show no matter what.

Low expectation- The flip side is having low expectations. This could be the attitude problem. If you go in with low expectations, your brain may be wired to just have a shitty time. Nothing will be good enough to get you out of the funk. You don't expect much and thus see things below face value.

But the upside to low expectations can be huge. Any spark can shift your thought process quickly and you could have a great time. You end up having a much better time than you originally had expected.

I don't know if any of that made sense so now I have to try and wrap this up if you haven't already clicked away. My expectations for the weekend are mixed. I think the Miller party will be ok at best. Even if I got my hands on Bon Jovi tickets, it just wouldn't hit the standard that Harley Davidson set a couple years back. I think my friend's party will be a good time.

Then again, I could always go to the lakefront for McFest. Irish Fest is going on at the Summerfest grounds. I could go raise a Jameson and a Guinness to all the leprechauns.

Any which way, I have no doubt that I will enjoy myself. I will deal with enough idiots at work today to get myself in a great mood for a drink. Enjoy your weekend. Let me know where you are getting drunk at and let's hook up for dial-a-shots. I expect to read stories of drunken debauchery (such a good word) on Monday.


Blonde said...

How about...YES, you can eat me NOW :).

I wanted to go to Bradoween with CJ for my birthday (Saturday) but that couldn't happen. I will be at the Phillies game instead.

THanks for the shout! Have a fabulous, sinfilled weekend!

Lick Jameson or Guiness off of some hot girls ass in honor of my birthday, since I won't be around for you to do it to me ;).

StB said...

You say the nicest things!

Erik said...

It makes total sense to me. I like to go in to situations with reserved expectations. I go in thinking that something will be ok, but not the greatest. If things suck, then I'm not brought down much. If things are ok, I feel satisfied. When things go above and beyond, I have a grin from ear to ear.

Fat Dan said...

There will be no Nascar on this trip. It is all about strip clubs and poker. Check out my blog to see what actaully went down on the Niagara Trip.