Thursday, August 18, 2005

Two of my favorite things

Beer and Hooters. Oh, I also like the wings.

I found myself sitting at a big table with a bunch of friends last night, drinking beer and eating wings. The wings were free. A friend was given a free wing party so all we had to do was pay for the beer. Thankfully unlike last year, others were drinking tonight.

They were also giving away tickets for the Bon Jovi show on Saturday. For any bottle of Miller you bought you received an entry. Some girl heard about the drawing, came in and bought 20 bottles of beer. She didn't drink a single one. She just wanted the chance to win. Her $60 gamble netted her exactly nothing. I would even venture a bet that she didn't even tip the waitress. Sure she may have not waited on her in a normal sense but she took up space at a table thereby reducing any tip she could have potentially earned.

So the big party for Miller is just 2 days away. I intend to go down and check it out. As I have already said, the bands playing during the day are rather pathetic IMO. But it is a reason to stand around outside in a festival atmosphere and drink. I also noticed that Miller is promoting this like a big tailgate party. Though they will have beer for sale, you can also bring your own. It wouldn't be surprising to see people toting coolers around all day.

Afterwards a friend is having a party so that will work out well. Maybe I will throw a couple dial-a-shots out to some people as I should have access to a nice couch to sober up on.

As for now, I can still feel the wings taking up space in my belly. Like most of you, I wish it was the weekend already. Maybe I need to start up a posse for happy hour tomorrow. Who's with me?


Blonde said...

I love Miller Lite, I love wings (though I try not to eat them too often) and I have huge Hooters.

You and I have a lot in common ;).

I have tickets to the Philadelphia Soul (arena football) and Bon Jovi is always in the owners box next to my seats. He is very nice.

AlCantHang said...

Have a blast. Have the phone on and charges for dial-a-shots from G-Vegas.

Erik said...

Complete side note here, but I saw that Hooters has food to go. Why?

As much as some people like their wings, I don't know if it would taste as good without the beer and the lovely women to ogle. Of course, I haven't had their wings. I'm more of a breast man, myself. *laughs*

StB said...

But can I put hot sauce on your Hooters and nibble? :P

Ah, Arena Football. I had season tickets one year for the Milwaukee Mustangs. Fun game to watch.

You haven't managed to get yourself invited into his box yet?

Erik said...

The question in my mind is: If she got invited into his box, would she return the favor? ;)