Sunday, August 21, 2005

Happy Birthday Miller

Miller's birthday bash, the Brew-Ha went off on Saturday. Just another reason to start drinking in the early afternoon, outside, listening to music. The parking lots were pretty empty at 2ish, but the set up was quite good. The map looked like this: stage, beer, stage beer. But you also had the option of bringing beer to the grounds as well. I had brought a 6-pack of 16oz Lite cans. Why the 16oz cans? Because it's more. Like amps that go to 11.

I met up with some friends and we watched one band for a while. The dreaded Love Monkeys. Why was I punishing myself again? Actually I didn't watch the band as much as I did the people. I liked the kids who thought if they wore a Miller shirt, that they may get some beer. One girl who was hopping around to the music, looked pretty drunk already. Her boyfriend didn't look too pleased. I also got a laugh at the guy who was all decked on in his Bon Jovi shirt and doo rag.

The Racing Sausages showed up with the Miller beer bottles. They arrived all crammed onto a little cart. While the Sausages and other bottles went one way while another guy went the opposite direction. He looked like he was having a blast as all the chicks came up to hug the bottle. Maybe I should get my hands on one of those....

I left around 4:30 but only after debating the religious guy on the hill. He had the nerve to be out there protesting this fine event. I had visions of my days in college when some clown would stand by the library telling us about the evils in our lives. So I went to talk with the guy and see how much he could take. My arguments were quite basic. God created beer so it couldn't be bad. Jesus turned water into wine. Pretty simple for the opening salvo. This guy claimed it was in the bible that beer was bad. Showed some passage about drunkards. Yes, drunkards! How does he know that all the people around here are drunks? I asked if he personally knew everyone around to be a drunk. If not, he should not make accusations. He was ready for that.

Having him dazed, I went for the kill. I then pointed out all the church festivals that make money off of beer. He acted like he never heard of such a thing. I pointed out the Drinking for Jesus tour (I would have paid big bucks to have been wearing the Drinking for Jesus tour shirt). At this time, a small crowd was watching me, so I preached on to them. I yelled out triumphantly that the Drinking for Jesus tour will not be detoured!

I spent my couple hours at the Miller party before taking off to hit a friend's house where there was a separate party going on. It was decent but too many flies around. But the beer was plentiful and cold. We sat around shooting the shit until 1:30. At that point I had enough and decided to grab my chair and leave. But someone was in my chair. Time for an upgrade. I packed the one I was sitting in and took off. I will check with this guy at work about switching the chairs.

The weekend wasn't too bad. Had a good time on Saturday. Got some dial-a-shots in and got wasted. A success if I say so.

But now the countdown begins. Two weeks until Vegas. Nothing much is on the schedule until then. I just hope the days fly by.

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Erik said...

If you bump into the fanatic again, you might want to have him look up papal history. Pope Innocent II was brought a problem from certain Bavarian monks. They were making beer and drinking it during their fasts. Needless to say with all that alcohol on an empty stomach, they were having a blast. The problem was that they felt they were being too merry, and asked the Pope to rule on it.

Pope Innocent II has the bavarian monks bring him some beer to experiment. Innocent was a big wine drinker, being Italian and all, and found beer to be disgusting. He issued a verdict that praised the monks for their fortitude and religious conviction. So, according to a pope, beer brings you closer to Jesus. ;)