Monday, August 15, 2005

I got your hog right here!!

Interesting bit seen on JSOnline, the local rag. WLZR, Lazer 103- the big dog in Milwaukee rock radio for the last umpteen years, may be changing their format.

Let's see. The format for Lazer has been to always overplay certain bands to death. In the early years it was Boston. Then Telsa. Then Nirvana. Then Creed. Then Metallica. Then Nickleback. You would hear this band at least once, if not twice, an hour. They wouldn't play any new music unless it hit big and then they would reluctantly add it in the mix.

Simply put, the music was acceptable but certainly not cutting edge. So the Brew comes along and plays a bit more variety, but by no means is it that much better. It plays more variety but they also have mastered the buzzkill.

The part I find surprising is the mention that they may go to a no DJ playlist. That was easily Lazer's strength and major advantage over the Brew. Face it, the Brew has the most boring, brain dead people talking between songs. No personality. No humor. They totally suck. Maybe they can hire some of those people from Lazer if they are let go. I would miss not hearing Fish on the drive home. Plus they may start calling themselves The Hog.

I think we are witnessing the demise of the radio giant in Milwaukee. Fixing something that wasn't necessarily broken in a knee-jerk reaction to the new kid of the block.

Update: Curiousity got the better of me so I had to run out to my car to listen to what they were playing for the day. I had heard they played some polka, country twang, and Britney Spears. Of course when I get out there, they play Led Zeppelin. The more things change...


djw said...

we had it on at work---IT SUCKS!!! they were playing everything from polkas to rap to all the young no talent 'flavor of the month'. If I was lucky, I would hear one decent song an hour. I did enjoy Bob & Brian's promos for "what does a hog sound like on the radio? Listen tomorrow and find out" then they would make grunting noises.

Erik said...

Milwaukee radio has been crap for the longest time. Even Wausau has better stations than we get here. It's sad.

These days I catch Bob and Tom, and then put in CD's for the rest of the day. I'd listen to Bob and Brian, but it's been the same show for the last 10 years. Milwaukee is too conservative for it's own good.