Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I have nothing to really mention today. Thus you know it is probably going to be pretty long. And it will be all over the place.

-So far over the last 20 hours I have heard Ronnie Milsap, Glen Campbell, Kenny Rogers, Led Zeppelin, Godsmack, and some awful dance crap on the same radio station. Lazer is gone, the Hog is here. Metallica made it popular, but I believe the Stooges said it first.

So fuckin what!!!

Not much will change except we will have a ton of music on the station for the next month until they get new DJs or on air personalities or whatever the heck they are called. So the music breadth expands a bit. Big deal. I have said it before. Milwaukee radio sucks. I don't expect much of a difference when all is said and done.

-I bet the Wig can relate to this one. The other day we received a memo at work explaining how to use two doors. Seriously. A memo about doors. They installed two new security doors. Big revolving doors. One looks like a space portal and actually scans you to ensure it is only one person entering the building. The funny part of this memo was not the use of the word "egress" again and again, but the fact that they will train managers how to operate the doors so they can train their employees as well. Training to use a door? This is a tough one.

Put ID to sensor.
Step inside door.
Exit other side.

I will laugh my ass off if I see groups of people being trained down there. I am also going to establish the over under at 7 business days before someone gets stuck in one these or it breaks.

- I had another crazy dream on Sunday night. I had remembered it but forgot it by this morning. Not as strange as the other one but quite different.

- Why do things like this make me mad? "Eenie meenie minie mo, pick a seat we have to go". Yep, that is what a Southwest attendant said that caused a lawsuit. As I have said before, I am sure Southwest wouldn't let me on a plane because I may be inebriated, but at least I could sue them on something that has more merit than that. The hypersensitivity of some people infuriates me. We now have to be careful of every single word that we say, whether it be in jest, with friends, in a public place, that someone may hear it, misunderstand the context and get angry with you. Bullshit! Next thing I know, someone will sneeze, another person will say "Gezundheit" and they will be sued because the person thinks they are being called a Nazi. Of course, some liberal judge will allow it to proceed and lawyers will make money.

-What I truly want to see is someone turn around and sue the plaintiffs. And I am not talking about the defendant, which in this case was screwed on the cost of defending themselves. Apparently they cannot try to sue to recover the cost they incurred. But could a shareholder of Southwest sue them? Can I sue these plaintiffs for an equal ridiculous amount because they will cause the value of my Southwest shares to decrease (if I owned shares that is)? Maybe that is my next million dollar idea. I sue people that make me incur extra cost because of their stupidity and sensitivity.

-The Dallas Cowboys offense sputtered on Satuday night. Or did they? Coach Parcells states that he went in with a one dimensional game plan and chose not to deviate from it no matter what. The Cardinals on the other hand, played defense aggressively, jamming receivers and blitzing. Rather than adjust to game conditions, Parcells chose to continue to play his game because he wanted to see what would happen. Interesting. Bledsoe could have hit Glenn again and again if he wanted. Personally that is what I would have liked to have seen but we will have to wait another game for that. Afterall, it is preseason. This doesn't matter.

- What kind of company do you work for, email or phone? I had worked at one where it was email based. Everything done by email. They wanted a record of what was going on. Now I work for one that is phone based. They prefer a direct, friendly voice contact. As strange as it sounds, I am having trouble changing. I like having proof I did something, that I had put an email out to someone. Not the end of the world, just a different way of doing business.

- Our President went on a 2 hour bike ride yesterday. Apparently that infuriated the moonbat down by his ranch. She doesn't understand why he doesn't have 2 hours for her. Maybe it is because you don't matter?!?!? I don't think he should acknowledge your existence. He already met with you. Now that you are spouting off anti-American rhetoric, you should just leave the country. If this is such a bad place, leave now. You will do us all a favor.

Ok, I am done here. I guess I should get back to work. Maybe I can scare up a donut somewhere.


djw said...

I just heard of the strongest beer ever-Sam Adams UTOPIA (25% alc). If I heard Paul Harvey correctly, it costs 100.00 a bottle. Ever hear of/try this?

StB said...

I know of Sam Adams having one really strong, expensive beer. I believe it comes in a magnum, not a regular 12 oz. bottle.