Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I guess college is easier when you are a rock star

Couldn't help but watch Tommy Lee goes to college last night. This seems like an insane idea to begin with so it has to be either insanely funny or totally stupid. The education is not a factor to him. He has enough money to get by. So I had to wonder why he was doing this. To have fun? To make more money? To bag college chicks?

Of course student reaction is one of bewilderment for the most part. The guys that recognize him think it is cool. The chicks are going nuts for him. For every chick that talks to him, I can't help but wonder if they want to jump him. They probably saw the home video. They may want some of that.

One of the first things they do is have him checking out different roomates. He tells two girls what he is doing and of course, one offers to be his roommate. Wow, what a slut! Then he goes to the dorms to find a roommate. First one is gay. Second is oriental. Third looks scared. The final guy looks like the guy who just wants to hang out with someone who will make him look cool. He seems like a true geek, even bragging about his 3.5 that he pulled last year. I do give him credit though. He did talk about seeing Pam naked.

I like how Tommy looks totally lost in class. To an extent, he should since he always appears to be late. The classes he is taking (Physics, Horticulture are among them) sure aren't easy. Plus, it looks like he may be starting in the middle of the semester. Of course he may excel in band. But wait. There is no piercings, smoking, drinking, drugs, or cussing. Plus he has to be there at 7 in the morning each day. Yeah, right! Plus, he is going to play in the marching band. Quite different from a drum set. I couldn't help but wonder what was with the dork in the sunglasses practising in the dark? The sun isn't even up and the guy has shades on! I bet he wears those shades at the dorm room poker game too.

The best part of the show has to be the physics tutor. Chick was smokin! They just so happen to send some hot chick over to tutor Tommy Lee. She seems to be a really nice and extremely smart girl. She tries so hard to get through to him. Meanwhile, he is probably hard, trying to get in her. She also wears some outfits that show off her chest. How is he suppose to concentrate? This is impossible. While she is teaching physics, he is thinking anatomy. That just isn't going to work.

So what do they do? They take the hot chick away and send in the big chick over to whip him into shape. Wow, what a bitch! She starts to ride him hard- and not in a good way! So of course, he throws a party instead.

And what is with the butler-like voice narrating this whole thing?

The show has enough to make you laugh a bit but it is pretty far fetched. But with Tommy Lee as the easy going guy, it is worth watching.

BTW The show is on NBC at 8pm CST. There are re-runs on some cable channel on Wednesdays or so I was told.


Fat Dan said...

What channel, what time? I need to see this crap.

Is is a series or just a one time special?

Must do internet research.

Erik said...

And people wonder why I avoid "reality" TV. Oh well, to each their own, I suppose.

It's nice to see a solid hometown blog around here. I'm going to link to you since I drop by here so much.

iauu2pprs04veiy said...
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