Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sliding into vacation mode

Just a day and a half of work left until I am free of the shackles of the workplace. The weekend is shaping up nicely too. It could end up being a 10 day drinking binge. If that isn't a total get-your-ass-in-shape-for-the-Bash-at-the-Boathouse liver workout, I don't know what might be. Actually, considering I shared a couple buckets of beer last night with Gambino (no I didn't drink the water), and may joined some friends out tonight to watch the Packers get demolished play their last preseason game, it may be a 12 day binge.

Friday is the only day up in the air. Happy hour will most likely be organized on the fly. But something will be done.

Saturday was suppose to be the Disposable, but I hadn't heard anything back on it. For the record, the concept on the Disposable was to go to a Brewers game, tailgate, and have nothing to take back. Every item brought would be disposable. Cheap grill, styrofoam coolers, cans, bottles, food, etc. Take a cab or get ride in, get a cab out. No cleaning out a vehicle or coolers the next day. Not a bad concept. But can it be pulled off? I guess it may take another year to find out.

I will be in attendance at the Brewers game on Saturday. Though they have faded out from any true wild card contention (yeah, like they were really in the running anyways), the team continues to play some exciting ball. The young guys are fun to watch grow right in front of us. It points to big possibilities next year. But for now, just play hard. That is all I am asking.

Sunday is a cookout at the Wilson household. An annual event that is quite entertaining. With a Monday to recover, it is a good time to give her hell! Just as long as we don't piss off the neighbors. Plus, I am sure Mr. Wilson will get the cards in the air and I can start the gambling week of on a victorious note.

Then Monday I am off to Vegas to drunken gambling debauchery. Nothing like letting loose for a couple of days without a care in the world.

I just need to get through the next day and a half. Later today I will head off for some regulatory testing of my ethics and skills so I can keep my licenses. It is basically a good waste of 3 hours as you cannot fail this test. But it will get me out of work early so I cannot complain. Then it is Friday I need to sail on through. Then I am free.

Thankfully I am able to go escape the real world for a couple of days. Unfortuanetly for others, reality hit hard this week. Say your prayers for the hurricane victims and give what you can. I have tried to get through to the American Red Cross site a couple times without much luck. Hopefully that is a sign that people are being very generous.

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