Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Whatever happened to kids being kids?

I just read this article Girl to go on trial for rock incident. It is pretty ridiculous. Some kids are throwing rocks and water balloons at the girl. She "accidentally" lets one go back at them in retaliation, hits a boy in the forehead and gets arrested for felony assault charges.

Why, because she had better aim than the boys? This city should be embarrassed to even defend proceeding with this.

I threw rocks at kids when I was younger. I got in fights. The difference was no one got hurt. We weren't a bunch of wusses that would go get a gun.

Now I am waiting for the DNC to issue a press release stating how this is President Bush's fault.


Aleta said...

It might be a good idea to sign a release form the next time we play washers!

All Things Dave said...

One must assume that President Bush is "your excuse" for excessive drinking this Summer