Sunday, October 02, 2005

A good weekend

Ever have one of those weeks where it is busy and you get a lot accomplished and you aren't stressed out? Those are rare. Usually you get your ass whooped all week and you feel it by Friday. This past week was different. I got a major project done, got another minor one going on a smooth start, and got praised by the boss.

The only way to cap off a weekend like that is to go away and spend time with your friends. I got out of work quickly, met up with E and was headed off to the Bong Rec area for a weekend of camping. It is a nice short trip from Milwaukee so you can get there and start the drinking pretty quickly.

I got a nice surprise upon our arrival. As usual, E and I will have a beer before getting to work on setting up the tent. As I sat enjoying a beer, Aleta, Gambino, and her parents surprised me with some birthday gifts. Yes, Friday was my birthday and I got to share it with some people who are special. I got the kind of gifts I like. Nothing fancy and alcoholic. Among the bounty was a 12 pack of Hamms, a 40 oz of Pabst, and the Camping Dirty martini Kit. When you go camping you have to rough it. Cheap beer helps you get back to nature. They also surprised me with a cake that was made with Jack Daniels. See why I say they are special people.

Now that fall is here, the sun is setting sooner and it is getting cooler. We got a fire going pretty good on both nights. It was really needed on Friday. The air was quite cold. I needed to get closer to the fire to warm up more than once.

On Saturday, we had a nice breakfast and then settled in to listen to the Badgers on the radio. Maybe next time I will wait until after breakfast to start drinking beer. The meal was on the late side but the Badgers were already playing. Football and beer go together. How could I listen to the game without enjoying a beer?

That beer and the warm weather took its toll on me later. After a nice ham dinner, I was pretty tired. I sat by the fire zoning in and out. It was quite as cold Saturday night. It fact it was a warm sleep in the tent.

On Sunday we were woken up to the sound of gun fire. Seriously. Shots are ringing out in the air around 6 in the morning or so. Those damn hunters could have let me sleep in! But the weird thought I had was not knowing if someone was actually hunting or if a maniac was walking through the camp gunning people down.

The weekend would have been perfect with a Cowboys victory but it was not to be. They just about stole one in Oakland. But Bledsoe's pass came up short. But there was some good things that happened in this game. With Philly coming to town, I think they have a good chance to win. Call me crazy but they are playing some good football. The Eagles may have had a great comeback today, but I am hoping they come in a bit over confident. Any which way, it could and should be a good game.

Hopefully tomorrow I can finally get around to the Boathouse review. This is one I am going to enjoy. For now, I am off to tackle that 40 oz.


Blonde said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

I am willing to make any wager with you that the Cowboys are going to lose against the Eagles.

The Cowboy screwed me on my pool this week too, the bastards. I love Tuna but his team is not as good as they could be.

StB said...

That is why I like the Boys in this game. They are playing good, but not great. They can rise up to the competition, competition that may take them lightly.