Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Cheap uncaring sonnofabitch!

Cheap people are one thing. Selfish uncaring cheap people are another. They deserve a good kick in the ass.

There is someone I eat lunch with a couple of times a week that is a piece of work. He always has a number of moronic things to say about his wife (and women in general). He even says it to her face, not caring about how she may feel. She takes it so I have no sympathy for her. But I don't have to hear it. I have said something to him when he starts up and will do so again.

Yesterday is a good example of what an ass he is. At work we are going through a series of fund raising events. There was breakfast, poker, a food drive (see below), and other events still going on. Over the next two weeks are snacks. On Tuesday and Thursday snacks can be bought with all money going to charities. Now the price of the snacks isn't too expensive but for what it is, it ain't cheap. The point is to raise some money, not necessarily to buy food at a bargain price. Of course, the moron goes off on a rampage about how it is too expensive for what they are selling. I tried to point out the charity aspect and he basically says screw them. I got into it a bit more with him. I don't believe he has ever given money to a charity. He will take all he can when offered but never give anything back. I can guarantee you that if a major disaster affected him, he would expect a hand out because everyone else has gotten one. I told him if a tornado wiped out his house, he would expect someone to help him. His flippant response was that the insurance company would pay him and he would rebuild. What if his wife was killed in the tornado. He would collect on life insurance. I even asked what if he was killed. Of course, he said life insurance would take care of her after he was gone. What dipshit!

At times I don't know why I bother to argue with him. He will never get it. I tried the karma approach but his reply was that the shitty people in the world always win. I laughed at that and asked how he thought he was winning. He has no friends outside of work. He has no one to hang out with. No one to experience life beside his wife. How is he winning?

I guess the biggest losers in life have no clue they have already lost.

The food drive at work has been interesting. A table was set up by the main employee entrance for the last week. Slowly but surely it filled up and a second table was added. A couple things struck me funny about this. In the beginning good always overpowered (sorry couldn't help that) of the event, there were handouts in a bin that said TAKE ONE. That bin stayed on the table as food was placed around it. It basically looked like you should then take some food. I was tempted to grab the SPAM...

Now, I want to know who the hell put the toilet paper on the table. This is a food drive, not a wipe your ass drive. I can't picture some snooty person here saying "Well, the hungry need to wipe their butt too". That person may be the one who also put the toothpaste and dish soap up there as well. I have never seen these items given. What is someone thinking?

I would have to say my favorites are the grape jelly and ketchup. Even hungry people need their condiments!

Ok Blonde, let's take the negotiations offline for a bit here. Send me an email to StB31@hotmail.com and let's figure out where we are going with Sunday's game. I am already enjoying how CJ has his undies in a bunch. I have yet to say the Cowboys will win- I like their chances- but have not yet declared victory. Needless to say, I am having fun with it.

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Blonde said...

Why are you hanging out and lunching with this toxic person? I can't take negativity or heartlessness (not a word but you get my point) and distance myself from people like him.

One can only hope that karma will bite him in the ass sooner then later...

Oh baby, it on...Birds vs. Boys...I will email you ;).