Monday, October 03, 2005

I have read many a drinking story by a long haired lad in Pennsylvania. The number of bottles of Southern Comfort that was downed in those tales was impressive. But it wasn’t necessarily the booze or the party that was intriguing. It was the setting and the passion the lad had for his watering hole. When an invitation to experience the Boathouse was extended to me, I had no problem making a decision to venture east to see what this place was all about.
I have always said that a man needs a good bar in his life. A place they can call their own. A place that feels like home. I knew I would have to give my opinion on the Boathouse. I also knew I may be walking into a bad spot. Could I write up a bad review of one man’s bar if I didn’t like it? I wondered how that would work. At the least I probably wouldn’t be invited to Bash #7. But worse yet, I didn’t want to tell someone their bar sucked. Thankfully, that won’t happen. The Boathouse passes most of the tests. Yep, just most. There one was little flaw. But this place rocks.

Al knows I am a beer drinker. He ensure me that the Boathouse would have more than enough beer to quench any thirst I might have. He even sent me the menu. A beer menu is a nice way to start. But what I saw was even better. One big cooler of just imports. Nice. I like that in a bar. But they also had a number of other beers on tap. The upper bar had two sets of taps (if I recall correctly) while the bottom bar had 3. Yes, there is a bottom bar. Don’t let the picture fool you. This place is a nice size.

The upper floor appeared to be mainly for dining. The bar is along one side of the wall with booths and tables around the room. There are a lot of TVs above the bar. Each of the booths has their own TV as well. Great place to watch football.

The lower bar is quite roomy. Enough to fit a band in as well. The bottom bar was nice. There is a an area between a wall and the bar that you can fit a comfortable crowd in and own that section of the bar. That is exactly what Al and Eva like to do. I don’t blame them. Reminds me of the Snake Pit at Pjs. We owned a section of that bar just like they do.

Yet what may have impressed me the most was the deck. The top portion was again for dining. The real party takes place below. There are like 3 sections on the deck, including a little bungalow area. And it is big. It was a good place to kick back and drink beer outside. Ideal for summer.

Oh, did I mention there is another bar on the deck? This is one thing that I truly liked about the Boathouse and makes it a damn good bar. You don’t have to walk far to get a drink. That is how all bars should be. When I get thirsty, I shouldn’t have to go too far to get a beer.

With all the good things the Boathouse had to offer, unfortunately, they weren’t perfect. Call me picky, but the shortcoming of the Boathouse was the wings. Yes, the chicken wings. Could they be any wimpier? The hottest sauce, Top Gun, was barely hot. The wings themselves were meaty but without a good sauce, they might as well put Frank’s Red Hot on them. In fact, I would bet money that Frank’s is the base of their hot sauces. Next time I will have to try something else. Or challenge the cook.

Bottom line though is the Boathouse is all and more than Al makes it out to be. The bartenders are cool, the place is comfortable, and it has all you could ask for in a bar. Being barless for the most part at this time, I envy those who call the Boathouse home.

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AlCantHang said...

Glad you had a good time and like the bar. It's my home away from home.