Friday, October 14, 2005

One tap, over here!

I just got finished reading Iggy's post on his trip to Ireland. Great stuff.

But it got me to thinking again. When Dr. Pauly was in Europe a month ago, he went around saying he was from Canada. Iggy was about to do the same, but thankfully didn't. My question of course is why?

I was in England 10 years ago. Things have changed since then, but I would still walk around with my Dallas Cowboys hat on should I go over there again. I would proudly state I am an American and anyone who has a problem could take it up with me. I have read reasons on why Europeans supposedly hate Americans (for the most part I don't believe they do, except for the pansy French who are jealous to begin with). I think it is mostly the media that brews it up. Plus it is based on control of the world. They had it, now they don't. They want their influence back.

Ok, off the soapbox.

I spent last night playing poker over at Party. Bad beat jackpot was over half a mil! Sweet payday for someone to have a great hand cracked. When all was said and done (read: my eyes were dried out from staring at a screen), I looked inside my fridge for something to drink. It was a toss up. Can of Hamms vs. the 40 oz. of Pabst vs. a bottle of Lite. Guess which one I drank?

So it was an uneventful, take-it-easy night. Tonight will be different. When I get out of work I will get home and possibly work out before getting plastered at the Home bar. Then it should be off to the Circus. Of course, I will check where the jackpot is on Party first and may say screw the exercise thing. But not the drinking.

I will be passing on heading out to some haunted house tonight. A friend of mine from work had left me a message about checking out some cool haunted house that is supposedly the best in the area. Strangely enough, I don't care for that. I will watch/DVR all haunted stuff on TV but don't get into going to haunted houses. I would never go to a real haunted house either. I guess I like the safety of my own home.

Hopefully there are more new episodes of the British show Most Haunted coming out. There should be as they a slew of shows listed on their website. Better yet would be an American copycat. The Scariest Places on Earth looks to be returning again this year with possibly some new episodes. As long as they show the one at the Waverly Sanitarium, I will be happy.

Today will be a breeze at work. I will finish off a project and take the afternoon off. Well not off off, as I will still be sitting here. I will probably go digging around on football game info. The Cowboys game against the Giants will be a tough one. Tougher than the Eagles game. Whereas I liked the Boys chances last Sunday, I am not as confident this week. The Gints don't play well on the road, but it could be a letdown game. Don't get me wrong. I think the Cowboys will win. I just will not be placing a 16 next to them, or betting $250,000 in the pool.


djw said...

I know what I would've done. Drank the 40 oz Pabst and used the Hamms as a chaser. Hey, maybe we can try that later at THE HOME.

Blonde said...

Depends on where you go in Europe you say where you are from. The French dislike everyone so it doesn't matter. France is over rated anyway.

Bottom line is that all countries love American money. Out of all of my travels, I have found that Ireland and Japan LOVE americans. They love our culture, our trends, our accents and our money.