Thursday, October 13, 2005

Mindless stuff today

I don't have anything worthy here today. Of course that means I need to make a long rambling post about different things that will make little sense but will make my head a bit clearer.

No sooner than I had posted about my naked wrist did some do a search on blogger for "nude blogs" and came to my sight. Maybe I should take a picture of my naked area and post it so they can get their jollies.

I took off to Kmart yesterday to get my watch batteries. The parking lot was pretty empty. The majority of the cars were clearly employees. I walk in right to the jewelry counter to find some old hag rearranging the "fine" jewelry. She ignores me for a minute. Those precious gemstones are way too valuable for her to help me. Who goes to Kmart to buy their jewelry? I am either just a guy or the biggest idiot in the world for not knowing the finest diamonds in Antwerp end up at your local Kmart by the flashing blue light with big savings passed directly to you. When she finally looks at me, I tell her what I need and she barks at me to go to electronics as she has no batteries at her counter. I then ask where electronics is. She gives the waving point as well as a dumb look. I haven't been in this freakin' place before. How the hell am I to know where electronics is? I walk to the back, quickly find my batteries and bolt out of there. I put the batteries in the watches while still in the car. I can chalk that on my list of things I am now an expert at. Replacing watch batteries. Take that one Target!

Yesterday I can to cut off my stupidity here early as I had a meeting to catch. Typical boring meeting until one of the lesser managers got up to speak. He started by doing an impression. No, I am not kidding. This guy thinks that doing impressions will get him some where. After he was finished doing his Rocky Balboa, I looked around to see people shaking their heads. They were laughing with you, they were laughing at you. Sit down Rich Little!

The charity events at work are winding down. Today is the silent auction. There is a bunch of stuff up for bidding. There are some decent items such as Packer tickets and fishing packages. But some of the stuff looks like people just cleaned out their basements. I may go place a bid on the rubber chicken. Yes, someone donated a rubber chicken. Another item down there is a football toss game for kids. This would be pretty good for any boy under 10. But it won't help them as a quarterback. I took a good look at it as I walked by. One of the holes to throw the ball through is smack dab in the middle of a receiver's helmet. Hmm...why didn't they put the receiver's hands by the hole? I guess this is how Aaron Brooks learned. Maybe the funniest thing about it is the scoreboard on it that reads "Harvard".

That is it. I am done rambling. The Circus is coming to town tomorrow so hopefully that will be a nice drunken affair commencing with happy hour at Home. Until then, I may have to play the Miller Beer Run game all day.


Blonde said...

It is Half Naked Thursday so you should have taken a pic. The only thing is that once you post HNT, you always have to post HNT. Before you know it, your breasts are up there in a string bikini that is too small. But I digress.

BTW, besides the new Cowboys you told me you liked...who are your ALL TIME FAVORITE Cowboys?

StB said...

Yeah, it would be quite embarassing for me to be wearing a small bikini, showing off my chest. No one would ever return.

Where to start on the all time greats of football. Probably start with the Manster, Randy White. Of course Staubach, Dorsett, Lilly, and Pearson are all up there as well.