Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Nude at work

I can see the weird search phrases that will bring people to this site already after that title.

Yes, my wrist is naked once again. Yesterday, I noticed I got to work at 10 minutes after 2. Wow, was I early! No...damn. Watch had stopped. Two watches within a month have bailed on me.

So I was off to Target to get new batteries. Or so I thought. Apparently if you didn't buy the watch from them, they will not replace your battery. They will not crack them open for you. I didn't have much of a problem with the policy. But when I tried to buy some batteries anyway, the girl didn't want to sell them to me. She said she has them arranged but to find the right battery may be difficult. Plus, I couldn't use their tools to open the watches myself because I may slip and cut myself open. I guess bleeding all over their "jewelry" counter wouldn't be good for business.

So I left empty handed. When I got home, I cracked them both open. I guess I will head out to the local Wal/K mart to get some batteries over lunch.

Not having a watch on my wrist always feels uncomfortable. I am use to that weight being there. Now I look to see what time it is- what a force of habit- just to see this very white patch on my arm. I should take a pen and write in 4 pm so it is happy hour whenever I want it to be. Ha, like it isn't.

I just found out about a rescheduled meeting I need to hit. Just when I was about to get into my 3 dream recall. Yes, somehow I had 3 distinctly separate dreams last night. Only one involved sex. Well, more like foreplay, but close enough. And BTW, I was good!

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