Thursday, October 13, 2005

Vegas talk

I had lunch with a former co-worker today. She had just gotten back from Vegas. A 4 day weekend at the luxury that is the Imperial Palace Bellagio. Yes, true luxury. It was a trip that was totally paid by her sister. Yeah, I am jealous. I miss the free trips to Vegas I would get at work.

Funny part was finding out the Toxic Weasel had declared that he just got a great deal for Vegas. He paid $700 for a week, including airfare and hotel. My first reaction was sounds good, but where are you staying? He proudly says the Plaza! Egad!

I thought about it quickly and came to the conclusion that it isn't that great of a deal. For the flight being around $286, that means he is paying about $10/night. For a room that probably goes for $30, he may call that a bargain. But it is the Plaza. He also is renting a car. There goes your savings. When asked why he was renting a car, he said he didn't want to pay up the ass for taxis. That makes sense but where are you taking these cabs to? For that extra cost, you could have slummed on the north end of the Strip. The women I was with quickly quieted me down. They knew it wasn't a great deal either. But let the Toxic Weasel think it is. He can run around downtown playing his penny slots all day.

So with that inspiration I came back up and finished off my December trip plan. I booked the flight and popped the note to move the cash around in the beginning of the week. December won't come quickly enough.

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Blonde said...

Um...weasel got robbed.

I have to spend the night before we leave for Vegas at the Borgatta in Atlantic City for work. What my room cost there for ONE night is more then my roundtrip airfare AND 4 nights in Vegas (NOT staying at IP). I love the Bellagio and stayed there twice this year.

December can't come quick enough!