Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I'll take vacation spots for $400.


What is the number of days until I go to Vegas?

Yes, 17 long days. But it shouldn't be so bad. I have a business trip to San Francisco in the middle so that should make things go by quicker.

So I was sitting at Big Mama's yesterday, enhancing the Miller Brewing Company's bottom line. Gambino was suppose to yap with me about what I should do for this football game on Sunday. Packer vs. Eagles. Thrown by the Cowboys fan. Who is also a shareholder of those Packers. Weird, huh? I sat there drinking my beer, waiting for Ms. Horseshoe to finish on the slot machine, and talking with her hubby. Turns out I didn't need her at all. Ken and I got everything figured out. Thanks Gambino, you were a lot of help. Word to those in the know: Gambino is just a figure head. Look behind the curtain for the one making the calls.

And don't be surprised if I have a black eye on Thanksgiving. I know she won't like that last comment. Don't worry. I will let you buy me a bucket of beer on Wednesday and everything will be ok.

I felt like throwing a beer bottle at someone at the bar last night. An annoying Packer fan who kept making it noise every time the Packers gained a yard. Like every play was something special to cheer about. Gado, the Nigerian joke, gets a yard and this clown is yelling "That's what I am talking about". WTF? Gado is not an NFL running back. All you fools that made up signs need to take a look in the mirror and get back to reality. There are many guys who have one very good game in the NFL just to never improve. I remember Lincoln Coleman running hard on a Thanksgiving Day game. Yes, there were Cowboys fans saying they should trade Emmitt Smith because the could drive the Lincoln to victory. The following year Coleman was playing Arena Football. Nuff said. I don't think Gado would cut it in the AFL.

That was an ugly loss last night for the Packers. But not as bad as the Steelers dropping one to Baltimore. Without Big Ben, the Steelers are nothing. They aren't even the 4th best team in the AFC. Scarily enough, with a victory on Thursday, the Boys could become the front runner for the Super Bowl rep on the NFC side. I think they are pretty good this year, but not great. Unless they get tougher down the stretch, which could happen.

I know the conversation on Thursday will be fun. My brother in law is a die hard Packer fan. With them sucking major ass, he will have a lot of nice things to say about the Cowboys. I may drop my pants so he can apply his lips directly to my butt. Either way, Thursday is a big game for the Boys. One they can win. I would feel better if they had looked strong against the Lions. It should be a good game.

I have little else here today. Things seem weird at work as I am the only one in my area. There are usually 6 people around. Maybe this is a preview of Friday.

Anyways, time to put this bad post to rest. I will try to come back with something better.

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Blonde said...

Have a safe trip to San Fran. What a great city!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Drink up, my friend :)