Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Cowboys from Hell

Deed is done, again we've won
Ain't talking no tall tales friend
'Cause high noon, your doom
Comin' for you we're the Cowboys from hell

I am stunned too. Except this stunned face has a small smile on it as well.

For once the Cowboys were on the other end of a miracle. They had been dominated. The Eagles were winning this game in the trenches. Both their offensive and defensive line were getting the pushes they needed. The Cowboys needed to run the ball and couldn't. On the other side, Westbrook was running wild, easily getting 4 yards each carry.

But this is the NFL. Leads don't last long. The games can be stolen by one big play. Seeing my boy Roy (Williams) flying down the field with his interception was beautiful.

But of course, they couldn't keep it easy. The let Akers attempt a 60 yarder. I wouldn't have been shocked if he had hit it. That is what the Cowboys do. They make each and every Monday night game exciting until the last second. Man, I wish they wouldn't do that.

"It's not like they gave us the game. We went out and took it from them. Hey,
we've lost games like that. So it's nice to steal one back. "
-- Cowboys tight end Jason Witten

Yes it is Jason. Yes it is.

So I am going on very little sleep today. I was informed earlier on Monday that it was a holiday. It was the anniversary of Happy Hour. Thus, it was my duty to have my butt planted at a bar after work. Three and a half hours later the football game started. For the record, I left at halftime. I hadn't eaten anything except for the munchies they had out. But beer is good food and I wasn't actually hungry. But if I stayed for the second half, I would have been a puddle. When the Cowboys get tied up in a close game, I drink more. It is like a nervous twitch. Instead of pacing, I drink more frequently. I might as well move my bed into the bathroom. That is why Monday night games suck so much.

But at least their is happiness thoughout the land on this Tuesday. At least by me.


Blonde said...

The Cowboys won the game fair and square.

Hopefully, the Eagles are reflecting on the bad decision to sign that useless douche Akers for another 5 years. Did you notice the Eagles new running game? We never had that before because we had a phenomanal WR in TO who is gone. The Eagles are making really bad decsions lately. No Super Bowl in our future.

I am a Philly girl, hating your teams as much as you love them is a Philly thing.

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

TO Sucks!

Awww! How Bout Dem Boys! Say what you want...but Biscuit is the best safety in the game. He can hit and has soft hands to pull them down...Word! For some reason when I see Drew back there he reminds me of Gary "The Boomer" Hoggabooom!!